Uterus Gets An A+

Yay, I’m officially cleared for IVF! For those of you who may be gearing up for your own hydrosonogram, Tuesday morning went like this:

  • I took 400mg of ibuprofen and half a Xanax 30 minutes prior to my appointment. I must admit I was a little scared and very nervous because my last IUI was painful and the HSG I had done a year ago was quite uncomfortable as well.
  • The RE took some vitals. I told him I was nervous, which he confirmed by my crazy heart rate.
  • Then it was time for the stirrups. First up was a friendly visit with the dildo cam. To check for cysts, I presume.
  • Queue tears at this point. Doc asks me some friendly “I pay attention to my patients’ lives” questions, which was totally touching. I burst into tears so I couldn’t even answer his questions. I don’t even know why I was crying! I guess it was because I was scared. While the water works were gushing, the speculum went in and he cleaned my cervix with iodine. Then in went the catheter. Ouch! But only for a few seconds. Same kind of pain as my last IUI, but lasted only slightly longer.
  • I didn’t have any cramping or spotting afterwards.

The doctor said he’s very pleased with my uterus and I’m approved to start IVF next cycle. I then met with the nurse who asked if insurance covered the meds, to which I replied, of course not. She decided to make a few calls and wouldn’t you know it, everything but the hCG shot was covered! We’re only ~$100 out-of-pocket so far. I still have to get the Follistim, but I have a BOGO discount card. I think Follistim cots around $300. I’m very pleased wih these amounts because I was expecting to have to shell out ~$2,000 for the meds this cycle.

The nurse called in all of my meds so I have everything I need to get started next month. Now let’s just hope AF stays away until mid-Dcember. I normally have 35 day cycles so hoping that’s true again this cycle. Obligatory HOLY SHIT THATS A LOT OF MEDICINE photo coming soon!

8 responses to “Uterus Gets An A+

  1. *hugs* crying during a procedure sounds like something that I would so do. I’m glad it went ok in the end and that you are cleared for ivf. Yea for your nurse too who made the phone calls to get you cheap drugs.

  2. Myndi

    Congrats on surviving and acing the test! And that’s great news about the meds. Our IVF wasn’t covered, but the meds were and it was great to have some sort of a financial break.

    Woohoo! You’re almost there!

  3. ifcrossroads

    Yay! I found that my Mock ET (hydrosonogram) wasn’t all that bad either! Great news about the meds! Woot Woot!

  4. girlykat

    I’m you survived the procedure. I always cry at the RE’s office šŸ˜¦ Tons of luck for IVF!

  5. tashish

    Great News!! šŸ˜€

    I have cried in public more in the last fortnight than I ever thought possible!

  6. Thanks for this rundown, I am going for a sono tomorrow! My HSG was terrible, so I have been nervous. Maybe it won’t be so bad. It sounds like we are very similar with our IVF plan. Today is CD12 of my pre-IVF cycle. I also have long cycles, which means ER and ET can run straight into Christmas. Next week when I start Lupron they may also give me prometrium or something to bring on my period sooner. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

  7. Good for you for surviving the procedure unscathed. I dont think I ever experienced pain like when I had my HSG. Looks like you are getting so much great news!! You should feel very positive about this cycle! (-:

  8. YAY!!!! CONGRATS!!!! That’s awesome news – I can’t wait for you to get started!!!!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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