Gripe Water

I stumbled upon this recently in a spice store and I couldn’t resist capturing a photo. It’s Gripe Water which apparently helps soothe a baby’s colic and upset tummy. What a great name for a product! If it wasn’t created in the 1800s it would totally be assumed that it was a joke. I guess that’s why it caught my eye.

Today I have to go back to work and I feel like I should give myself a spoonful of Gripe Water to get over my strong desire to have more bed rest. 🙂

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2 responses to “Gripe Water

  1. You know not until recently, like past few years or so did I know what the hell Gripe Water was. Hope you had a good day back at work. xoxoxoxox

  2. I saw a different brand in a Walgreen’s. I used to work for a children’s store that sold Gripe Water that mother’s swore by…I never used it b/c at the time I had a toddler but it is supposedly very effective for colic and general fussiness….not sure.

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