11dp5dt: One Day Til Beta

Wow, I still can hardly believe it. After 26 months, we are finally lucky enough to get a BFP. It is finally our turn. Finally.

I woke up yesterday and POAS first thing. When the 3 minutes were up I grabbed the stick and was careful to cover the result. I was so nervous (so much so that constipation was definitely not a problem yesterday). My husband and I held hands said a few words – which I think included “it is what it is” and “I hope this worked” and “I love you”. Then I slowly moved my hand so we could read the result. In that moment we both crumbled. We hugged and sobbed and hugged and sobbed. What an amazing, priceless moment.

I’m really looking forward to the beta tomorrow. (I’ve never looked forward to a beta before.) Getting the official “yep, you’re definitely pregnant” from my RE will somehow make it even more real. The line is getting darker and that makes me happy.

For those of you waiting to get your BFP, here’s a little about symptoms. I basically had none. Nothing besides sore boobs (which I have right before AF every cycle; PIO could also be the culprit) and exhaustion (again PIO could be the culprit). I’ve been feeling a few things since Saturday, but nothing too different from AF cramps. Yesterday and today there have also been a few weird twinges or pulling feelings, but essentially I feel normal (or like AF is coming). I guess I had it in my mind that you’d feel pregnant right away. Silly me.

So how did we get here? Was it the positive attitude? Or the well wishes from all of you? Was it because we made it to the top of my MIL’s prayer list? Or the acupuncture? Was it the bed rest? Maybe it was the awesome care taking by my loving husband? Or the pomegranate juice? Or maybe the pineapple? I believe it was all of the above. I’m profoundly grateful.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

17 responses to “11dp5dt: One Day Til Beta

  1. Jen

    I didn’t have any symptoms either other than cramps. I also thought I would just “know”. I didn’t 🙂

    Congrats again; I am so thrilled for you!

  2. I believe it was “all of the above” too. I am so so happy for you, congratulations!

  3. Yeah!!! I am so so so so happy for you I know you know that! The beta tomorrow is going to be awesome girl, I know that too. Its amazing how everything- positivity, prayers, antioxidants, just everything comes together to make this possible. I am so truly, truly overjoyed for you! xoxoxoxo

  4. Yah!!! Congratulations and lots of hugs!!

  5. Jen

    Yay! I can’t wait to hear your beta number. 🙂

  6. omg, i kept checking to see if you poas yesterday and found your posting bizarre bc i was checking from my blackberry ( i couldn’t see the image on there!! only the ps).

    FABULOUS news. *congrats**!!!! i hope you guys go celebrate after beta tomorrow :o)

  7. onefifthfox

    OMG Congrats!!!

    How awesome!



  8. becky z-dub

    i STILL got teary reading this. i’m 5 months pregnant so don’t judge! hahahaha. so happy and excited.

  9. Jane

    *Super* excited for you!!

    At the moment, I’m living the BFP vicariously through you, as I hopefully await my own. But I can tell you that I have really loved reading your blog in your quest for the BFP. Whether it was the attitude, the acupuncture, the laughs, or who knows, you have shown me the way it’s done! Enjoy your pregnancy.

  10. julesnicki

    OMG OMG OMG you didn’t call me!!!! I didn’t want to put you on the spot. I am OVER THE MOON for you guys! OMG OMG OMG. YOu are def preggers – that is a DARK line. Mine was super faint -and here i am 13 weeks later. This is the best news ever – I’m smiling ear to ear!!!!!!!! I’m calling you later and you better pick up! Love you and J and baby!

  11. Yeah!! I have been thinking about you so much the past few days! I am so, so, so, so happy to see a very definite double line. I can’t wait to hear about your beta. If you’re anything like me, the next couple months are going to pass slowly and with much nervousness, waiting for the promised land of the 2nd trimester…but the best news is that you’re already 4 weeks! (Zero to 4 just like that!) Again, i am so, so happy!

  12. I just commented on your picture post – but wanted to again here cause I’m SO CRAZY excited for you!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE!!!!! Can’t wait for the Beta! xoxoxo

  13. ilana

    I keep checking your blog, i cant WAIT for your beta #. You and hubby must be over the moon! Your positive vibes make me more confident for this cycle. YAY! I cant wait to join you.

  14. OMG Congratulations. I’m so very happy for you. You deserve it.
    Enjoy every second of it.

    I can’t wait to see your beta #s. How exciting.

    Congratulations!!! YAY!!!

  15. I just read this even though it’s six years old but it made me smile xxx belated congrats

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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