WTF Appointment

We met with our RE this morning for our WTF appointment. He seems as shocked as we are that it didn’t work. Two beautiful, hatching embryos. A perfect lining. WTF?

He knew we requested copies of our files and as a result, he really turned on the charm. Lots of sympathy and even some smiles! He told us about a patient who came from Cornell after five fresh IVF cycles and one FET, with nothing to show for it except a couple of chemical pregnancies. He thought she just needed more embryos, so he put back six. She’s pregnant with a singleton right now.

He thinks that had we not felt so strongly about avoiding multiples, he would have put back more embryos each time. He would never have done one and he wouldn’t have thought twice about putting back three the last two times. He said that some women simply need more embryos. He thinks I’m one of those women. There’s nothing else wrong so we just need to try more embryos. He said he’s never had a patient at my age with such great embryos and lining and all that not get pregnant after three cycles and he thinks our decision to put back fewer embryos might be the problem.

At the same time, he told us he completely understood the desire to not have multiples. He said he’d have no idea how he’d be able to handle twins. He proceeded to tell us a story about his own child – a toddler – who ruined his plasma TV, camcorder, and something else I can’t remember in the course of a single week costing him $10k. I guess (?) by telling that story he was trying to console us for yet another BFN, while also confirming our decision to have a singleton. I don’t know though, it seems like a strange story to tell a couple of people who desperately want a toddler to ruin our fancy TV. 🙂

He recommends keeping the medications the same, which is a standard FET (suppress with Aygestin and Lupron, then add in Estrace and PIO). I asked about doing a medicated FET that more closely simulates a natural cycle (Clomid, hCG trigger) but he said that’s not really commonplace. It seems like he’d be more open to trying something different if everything else wasn’t looking so damn perfect. We’re going to thaw all six remaining embryos this time and put back the best three, maybe four (yikes!), embryos. As soon as AF arrives (I expect her tomorrow), we can get the show on the road.

Here’s what I think our dates will be for FET#3:

  • 7/22: CD1
  • 7/23: RE Appt. #1 – u/s and b/w, start Aygestin
  • 7/25: Start Lupron
  • 8/6: RE Appt. #2 – u/s and b/w
  • 8/13: RE Appt. #3 – u/s and b/w
  • 8/14: Last day of Lupron
  • 8/21: Start PIO
  • 8/22: Start Medrol
  • 8/26: Transfer
  • 9/7: Beta

Here’s to hoping we don’t need to do another fresh IVF cycle until we decide its time for baby #2!

Just in case…on the second opinion front, I have one appointment scheduled for August 9th and another one is about to be scheduled as soon as I send in my records, which I’ll do later this week as soon as I get my HSG films.

20 responses to “WTF Appointment

  1. okay, as soon as your toddler ruins your tv, i’m going to remind you of this comment :o)

    i think what dr C is saying is valid. i’ve heard of young girls (25-ish) putting in 4-5 embies after a failed cycle, and it working. i don’t really understand *why* some ppl need more put back, but i get it. wouldn’t hurt to have those second opinions, yah??

    so, was he advocating putting back *just* 3 next time, or even more?

    i’m glad you don’t have to sit out and can get started again. third time has to be the charm for you :o) xoxoxoxo

    • haha, please do! 🙂

      he’s thinking at LEAST three, maybe four. i’m not even nervous about multiples any more. fingers crossed.

      now we just need AF to show up today like she’s supposed to.

  2. Welll, I honestly don’t know what to say….I hope the new plan works! And that you get your BFP with a single baby 🙂 good luck sweetie…

  3. It sounds like your doc is being very proactive, and I think the fact that things look perfect (with the exception of not getting knocked up) is probably a good thing. Maybe you do just need more embryos. At the same time, though, that’s kind of scary. I, too, would be nervous about multiples.

    I’d really like to hear about your 2nd opinions once you get them!

  4. Does “wtf” mean something other than what the f- when you use it in context of doctor’s appointments? lol WTF makes sense when you post the funny videos and stuff, but I am wondering if it means something else too. Or are we just curing the infertility gods by having to go to these appts at alll? lol

    • it means exactly that: what the eff? after repeated failures, i wanted to sit down with my RE and basically ask him WTF? i am also cursing the IF gods in the process. 🙂

  5. I meant “curSing” not “curing.” lol

  6. sounds like you came away with some good thoughts. My re is so conservative in regards to multiples I wonder what he would have said in that case. I hope this protocol works!

  7. That wasn’t a very helpfull WTF appointment. He knows he has to get your pregnant or you are going to another clinic. Go with your instinct on what is right for your body and your embryo’s. I pray August is your month. I am curious what the other RE’s suggest.

    • hmm, i never looked at it that way. can you say NAIVE?

      well the way i see it, this try is just keeping me busy while i gear up for IVF#2 with a new RE. if it works, great! if it doesn’t, then i have a plan in place with someone new that i trust to help us get pregnant.

  8. Nicole

    I have a friend who is exactly like you. She is perfect in every way, has m/c 2x and the dr’s cant figure out why. Its very frustrating for them as well. She is starting her next IVF next month and hoping for luck once again!

    And Ive never heard that maybe some women just need more embryos? My dr and clinic wont put in more than 2.

    Anyways, hope your hanging in there, having sex and champagne and soft cheese! I get my beta today so lets see what happens!

  9. Elisa

    I just wanted to throw out something my RE did during our FET cycle that may have contributed to it being sucessful. I had 6 failed IUIs and a failed fresh cycle – our only diagnosis has been my husband’s low count (from 1 – 7 million post wash). At our successful FET cycle he tried something that was new – in fact I wasn’t able to find ANYTHING on the internet about it – but it is supposed to mimic a “natural” cycle more.

    He actually gave me trigger shots – a 5000 iu shot six days before transfer, a 1,000 iu booster two days before transfer, a 1,000 iu booster the day after my transfer and a final 1,000 iu booster four days after transfer. When I asked him to explain it – since obviously we were on a medicated cycle and didn’t have any eggs to “trigger” he explained (and I of course won’t be able to explain it as well as the RE did) that in an unmedicated cycle a woman’s body releases some hormone that primes the lining even more for implantation and that the hcg boosters help mimic that and makes it even closer to what happens in a perfect, natural cycle. He said it was a new protocol that he had heard about and that they had experienced a higher success rate with their FETs because of it.

    The only part of it that was frustrating to me is that when I started POAS I didn’t know if I could really trust the positives I started getting or if it was just the hcg trigger lingering in my system – seriously a good problem to have.

    If you want to know anymore or have any questions, feel free to email me. Maybe your RE could call mine or something – I don’t know if they do that sort of thing – but I know that I was desperate for anything that might help.

  10. Sorry about your BFN! I am hoping the lost file thing doesn’t hold you up from doing (and succeeding at) your next FET! I think it’s mighty ironic that your doctor was talking about his own kids and saying he doesn’t think he could handle mutliples! I don’t think anyone expects it’ll happen to them! While it is quite hectic, especially with my toddler, my twins are a true blessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good luck!
    (ICLW #45 & 46)

  11. I think you should trust your instincts and try to avoid multiples. Adding more embryos per transfer increases the chances of pregnancy but also increases the chances of multiple fetuses–which increases the chances of complications and loss. This doc has some nerve telling you about his issues with his kids! If you get pregnant with trips, that’s not his problem, because you are off to the OB at 12 weeks (or less). It takes a gutsy RE to urge you to be more conservative and only transfer 2 because It might make the “customer” unhappy at first but the high risk OB doctors would tell you it’s the responsible thing to do. Hang in there!! I hope you get pregnant with a healthy singleton very very soon!!! Here from ICLW #112.

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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