Checked Out

I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m really, really, really checked out. Maybe I can blame it on the Lupron and Estrace but I am so fricking forgetful.

I already messed up the meds at the start of this cycle. Then Monday, I show up at a second opinion appointment and I forgot to fill out my paperwork in advance. Not only did I forget to fill it out, but I completely forgot that it was emailed to me well in advance. WHO AM I? I am usually so prepared for stuff like this.

Wait, it gets better. My husband and I are sitting in the lobby waiting to meet with this potential new RE and I look at my hubby and say, “Omg, I don’t even know what to ask!”. Seriously. I hadn’t prepared AT. ALL. I had given it zero thought. What is wrong with me? Am I seriously that checked out?

Gaaaah! Anyway, the appointment went well. I really liked this guy. He was forthcoming with information, unlike my current RE. He said I seem to be a great responder, but he’d recommend a few tweaks. First, we’d take a month off and do some testing: immune, chromosome, and a hysteroscopy to get a good look inside the ole ute – visual contact, if you will. We could get started with IVF #2 on the very next cycle, so October-ish. Apparently I hyperstimulated a bit last time based on my E2 levels (I figured, but my RE never said as much) so he might want to stim me a little slower this time. We might get fewer eggs, but it would be gentler and better in the long run. Besides, more eggs/embryos doesn’t always equal success — obviously since I’m about to have my FOURTH transfer. He also wants to send any 6+ cell embryos out at day 3 for testing to confirm we have some good ones. (Actually, they don’t send the whole embryo, they send out a single cell.) Assuming the results come back great and they continue to flourish until day 5, we’ll transfer a couple and hopefully have a couple to freeze.

All in all, I feel really great about this doctor. I love that you can email him with questions. He was kind and warm and we really truly appreciated his willingness to share the nitty gritty. He spoke to us like we actually know what’s going on. For comparison, my current RE doesn’t go out of his way to share info, whether it’s E2 levels or details behind why he’s making the decisions he’s making. I used to like being in the dark but at this point I just want to know why we’re not getting pregnant. I want to know there’s more we can do. (Don’t get me wrong, my current RE is a fine RE. I’m just ready to push it further in terms of testing.)

I have my second and final second opinion scheduled for 8/30. Until then, I’ll continue being blissfully ignorant on the FET #3 train. I have my final RE appointment this Friday before our transfer on the 26th.

6 responses to “Checked Out

  1. Jane

    I really hope you don’t end up needing this option, but he sounds like a great doctor! I find that a solid backup plan helps put me at ease for the current plan.

  2. It just sounds more like you are moving by auto-pilot and need something to snap you out of it. You have been though this so many times it is no surprise, honestly. And I like this new RE, too, from what you have said about him. Exciting stuff!

  3. The new RE sounds like a good change! Sometimes you just need a new pair of eyes or a second opinion. I really hope that you won’t need to see a new RE, but if you do, he sounds great!

    OH! And I forgot to comment on your last posting. I loved it! It was so great finding out more about you and it was so candid. 🙂 Thanks for the post.

  4. Even if you felt out of it, you pulled yourself together and were alert and articulate in your appt. I really really really really (to the zillionth degree!) hope you don’t need to see this RE again, but I strongly feeling that a back-up plan is some of the very best medicine out there. xo

    PS Even tho I think abt my injections/cycle every single second that I am awake, this cycle I managed to COMPLETELY forget taking my meds at 8pm one night. At 10, it hit me, ahhhhh! It just….happens.

  5. I am so glad that your consult with the new RE went well. It sounds like he has some great ideas for your upcoming cycle. Are you going to do it? Sorry your feeling so checked out. I wonder if I will get that on Lupron. I might not mind it actually.

  6. lis

    sounds like a really affirming visit with the new doc. i was thinking the other day about how there is so much moving around in this ART biz. we only have so many chances, so if it isn’t working out somewhere, we really have to find what’s best for us. and i hope that you find that soon.

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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