FET #3 Scheduled

Three lovely blasts will be gently placed into my cushy womb on Tuesday, August 24th. That’s a week from next Tuesday, people! Two days earlier than I expected!

We’re planning to thaw the remaining six embryos to pick the best three and to accommodate for a potential less than stellar thaw rate, like last time. We’re not messing around this time. Serious business!

My lining was 7.2mm today – a little on the thinner side but I still attribute that to messing up my meds at the start of the cycle, thereby delaying AF by a day. I’ll continue 2mg of Estrace three times a day and tomorrow will be my last dose of Lupron (yay!). I’ll start PIO on the 19th (my butt still has lumps and numbness from last time!).

I left my REs office today bubbling over with hope and excitement – almost as if this is my very first IVF cycle. Oh, the possibilities! This is going to work! The hope and excitement lingers and I’m not letting go. Happy girl!

P.S. My beta won’t be until 9/7. 😦 I have to wait 14 excruciatingly long days! A traditional two week wait for a FET cycle?! Unheard of! At least we’ll have a strong beta by then – because it WILL be a mother effing BFP. I’ll accept nothing less.

Will I POAS before? Probably, but I’m not sure when.

14 responses to “FET #3 Scheduled

  1. I would be happy to make you one of those paper chains we made in elementary school for Christmas so you can countdown your 2WW. Because the test is going to be like the best Christmas present ever with a BFP at the end.

  2. Exciting news! The 24th will be here so soon. If you are going to POAS, I think seven days past your FET is totally acceptable. Two weeks is looooong!

  3. Of course it’ll a mother effing BFP!!! So excited for you :))

  4. lis

    i love the positivity! i hope this feeling carries you through the next three weeks, and i truly believe that being happier during a cycle makes a difference. i was so happy and sure it was going to work the first time and it did! i hope the same holds true for you, my friend

  5. I just wrote about this today…how people find the strength for multiple cycles. I’m batshit right now. And you are such an inspiration to me 🙂 BIG HUGS and sticky thoughts.

  6. Jen

    Lots and lots of good thoughts coming your way…!

  7. Oh it will SO BE a mother effing, big super fat BFP girl! Your transfer is around my birthday… so I’ll make a bday wish for you. Keep your positivity around, it will make it happen, I just know it! xoxoxo

  8. Yea for it being scheduled. so exciting! Wishing you lots of luck!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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