Transfer = Poop

Well today started off almost like any other except I didn’t wake up to an alarm because my hubby let me sleep in. I tend to have slow bowels, if you know what I mean, so I tried to trick myself I to a bowel movement with a homemade decaf iced latte first thing. While I waited, I took my meds, hubby administered the morning PIO shot, and I ate some hot oatmeal and cold pineapple while sitting on my heating pad waiting for the PIO to disperse. Then it worked! Whew!

In lieu of acupuncture (which hasn’t been relaxing for me at all lately which is why I decided to forgo this cycle), I did some femoral artery massage and yoga this morning. I didn’t want the stress of acupuncture sessions before and after since stress would likely offset the relaxation I would have gotten from acupuncture, but a little yoga did the trick. I even put a drop of geranium oil on a cotton pad so I could sniff it when I started feeling nervous today to help me relax (my acupuncturist gave it to me – sometimes I put a drop in a cotton pad and slip it in my pillowcase at night).

I pulled out all the stops today. Since we’ve been through so many cycles I’ve read so much over the months about what you can do to improve your success (or is it luck). I’ve been drinking pomegranate juice for lining, eating pineapple for implantation, eating walnuts for lining. I even read that you should eat french fries after your transfer for good luck. What the hell, right? I like all of those things so why not throw ’em in the mix for good luck? Hey, I’ll try anything at this point including wearing the color green. I wore a green dress over some leggings with a denim jacket with green earrings to match and on the way there hubby pointed out that he was also wearing green (underwear)! How cute is that?! He just pointed to them and said “Green is for go time.”. Haha. I love that man!

Now let me explain the title of this post. (TMI alert!) Something about going to the laboratory makes me nervous. Maybe it’s the fact that of all the times we’ve gone (today was our 9th visit), it’s never turned out well for us. Or maybe it’s because there will be a bunch of people looking up my hoohaa while continuing a dialogue with me as if it’s Sunday night at the dinner table. Anyway, whatever it is, it always makes me poop. Like always. And if you’ve ever gone for an embryo transfer, you can probably imagine that pooping while trying to maintain a full bladder is no small feat! So my husband and I are sitting in the lobby and all of the sudden I have to go (for the second time today, mind you). I head to the bathroom to do my thing and when I come back my husband is being harassed by the nurse! Hahaha. He was trying to tell her that it was okay, I was only pooping and I knew better than to empty my bladder but he couldn’t say that out loud because there were other people in the lobby and he didn’t want to embarrass me or himself any more than was necessary. I promptly reassured her that I was fine and my bladder was certainly nice and full. So we waited some more and eventually I had to poop again! What?! Three times?! I’m lucky if I go once a day! Woohoo! Today is already proving to be my lucky day! I once again had to reassure her that my bladder was nice and full! Geesh, reporting on what happens in the bathroom is embarrassing. Although not to you I suppose, just to the nurse in the lobby filled with waiting husbands.

More on the transfer soon, complete with pics! Until then, I am PUPO (or in the spirit of positive thinking maybe I’ll drop the “UPO” part and just stick with the “P”!), so please blog friends, please send me all of your positive vibes, thoughts, prayers, juju, baby dust, and whatever else you might have. I am going to need it. This time it *has* to work! It’s GO time, people!

(First blog post from the new iPad so excuse any typos while I get used to this thing!)


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25 responses to “Transfer = Poop

  1. Jessica

    Thanks for making me laugh…loved the poop story. Congrats on being PUPO..I hope this is it. Sending you positive vibes!!

  2. Wishing you so much luck in this 2ww. I love that you both were wearing green and I agree with what ever works. I hope you enjoyed your french fires 🙂
    crossing my fingers and toes for you!!!

  3. Jen

    Go green! I’m cracking up at the p story too as it’s amazing how these things become completely NOT personal anymore! No dignity, I’m telling you! Lots of lucky sticky dust…:)

  4. It’s GOOOOOOO time. Congrats on your PUPO day 🙂 sorry for all the poopy 😦 Nerves totally do that. So excited for you!!!

  5. Julie

    Yeah!! I’ve been a terrible contributor lately but have been following along and am very excited for you! I hope this 2ww goes by fast and that it ends with GOOD news. Wish you LOTS of luck and warm wishes…..

  6. Amy

    Congratulations on being P!!! 🙂
    I am totally with you on the weirdness of the Sunday night dinner dialogue during the transfer. It happened every time and all it did was make me think about how many times a day the doc was looking at a hoohaa and making inane chatter.
    Oh and I use lavender oil on my pillow..have to try geranium.
    Sending stick, pineapple, pomegranate and green stick vibes to you during your 2ww!!

  7. Amy

    whoops, I meant ” sticky, pineapple, pomegranate and green sticky vibes!” 🙂

  8. silver

    you are hilarious! coffee used to be my laxative of choice. congrats and looking forward to preggo constipation stories lol!

  9. Prayers and vibes being sent your way. Loved the poop story! At least it was before the transfer and not afterwards.

  10. bir

    Oooooh… having everything crossed for you for this time… third time lucky… green for go… and french fries everywhere!!


  11. Circus Princess

    Keeping my everything crossed for you! And just so you know, my belly seems to have the same temperament as yours 🙂

  12. Sending you all of my positive vibes!!!

  13. I’m totally impressed that you could poop without peeing. Girl – that takes some real muscle control. Go you! Congrats on the transfer. My fingers will be crossed with yours during your 2ww!

  14. R

    Good luck with the wait.

  15. Sending all of my positive thoughts your way!!

  16. Well maybe all the pooping made room for your embryos to snuggle in. It also probably smells better in there now.

    I am saying a prayer right now that finally your dream comes true.

  17. Nicole

    Do you think the walnuts and pomegranate juice really worked? Id read about the walnuts once before but not heard about the juice…Id be interested in knowing! Im planning on getting some walnuts myself very soon!

  18. Sarah

    Just blog hopping to say VERY BEST OF LUCK!!!! 😀

    All that green has got to pay off! Keeping you and your embies in my thoughts.

  19. mare

    good luck!

    Loved the poop story.


  20. onefifthfox

    Sending all my very best good luck vibes 🙂 xxx

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  22. Oooh on a new ipad 🙂 I poop when I get nervous too. It’s a stress thing and triggers my ibs. I’m glad that everything worked out in the end. I just bought some pomegranate juice because I have wanted to try it for a while and I heard about it helping the lining. How much am I supposed to drink?

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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