Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Ideas

My SIL’s baby shower is next month and being the awesome Aunt that I will obviously be (my first time!), I need cool ideas for gender neutral baby shower gifts. I’ll of course get some things off of her registry, but I’m looking for some unique ideas too. I’m definitely going to get the baby my very favorite book, The Velveteen Rabbit, and sign a little note inside. Any other cool suggestions? I would appreciate it!

9 responses to “Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gift Ideas

  1. Jen

    I thought these were kind of cool wall decorations:

    If you click on the left hand side “tot towers” there is something similar in block form which is cute too. 🙂

  2. Hand and foot print cast kit. See if she would be up for doing a belly cast. Get some onesies, plain white, and dye them or tiedye them. Does that help?

  3. I made one of my BFF’s a hospital bag. I bought her a custom bag from Etsy and filled it with all the hospital essentials. She loved it! She loved how practical it was she had enough clothes, toys, diapers, etc. She uses the bag as a purse right now when the baby’s here she is using it as a diaper bag.

  4. Kate

    A hospital bag would be a GREAT idea! Some snack, a cute, comfy robe (that can be washed), an eye mask, some ear plugs, a cool new CD, etc. If she is sharing the baby name, you could get a sign for the baby’s door off of Etsy.

  5. KHBetterTogether

    Not sure how much you want to spend so i put a variety.

    Gift certificate for a pedicure and or maternity massage(nice to be pampered, have pretty toes for labor and lay on belly for massage)… Baby legs (they have gender neutral), a moby wrap, nursing cover, gift certificate for newborn photos, I like the footprint/handprints idea, iTunes gift card and a list of fun apps for all the time spent nursing (assuming iPhone or iPad owner)

  6. LIS

    ok my love, this is a good one
    when my bff had her baby shower she didn’t know the sex either and her sil made her a beautiful basket filled with neutral baby clothes attached to a clothesline with clothespins and folded into the basket just so that she could pick up the first outfit and continue to pull the rest out the clothesline. i think she even went from little to big clothes.
    so unique and special, i thought! hth 🙂

  7. PepperG

    I like the idea for a gift certificate for a massage. It’s not exactly for a baby shower, but when friends have babies and we visit, I usually like to bring something indulgent for the new mom (who did all the work!) like fancy chocolates or spa stuff — any treat they wouldn’t go out and buy themselves but makes them feel really good.

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