Plans for IVF#2

We’ve decided to take a little step back. Rather than cycling in October, we’re going to wait to cycle in November. We made this decision for a couple of reasons:

1. Even though I haaaaate waiting, we were feeling a little rushed. Like OMG we have to get all this testing done ASAP and we have to pay in full on Monday (as in the day after tomorrow), and we still have to decide whether or not to proceed with the embryo testing by Monday! Aaaahhh! It’s too much!

2. My body could probably use a break from the meds. The only month I’ve taken off all year is May and that’s because I miscarried. My poor body needs a refresh. And my ass needs more time to recover from lumps.

3. Our relationship needs a month off from baby stuff. We need a month to be careless. We need a month to have mindless sex. We need some time to have some fun nights out. Come on, we all know R is a lot more fun after a drink or two. I’ve been way too serious lately. One last hurrah before we finally get pregnant.

In September we’ll get all of our testing done. There’s lots:
– pap
– semen analysis
– thrombophilia panel (having done Monday)
– DQ alpha
– Natural Killer
– karyotyping
– hysteroscopy (this will be under anesthesia)

Another good reason to wait is what if the hysteroscopy finds something that needs to be removed? Now we’re leaving a window just in case, rather than risking having a cancelled cycle.

Now, on to the protocol. The RE wants me on the L2 protocol (long Lupron). I’ll start with BCPs and then start Lupron (10 units), dexamethasone, and folgard at the end of week 2. I’ll start stims in the middle of week 4. I sort of have an issue with this, so I still need to discuss with the RE but he’s starting me on Follistim at 150 units and then decreasing me to 75 units on day 3. Last time I was on 300 units for 9 days and then a lower dosage for 2 more days. My RE thinks at my old RE hyperstimmed me. I did have some symptoms, but nothing too major and I do understand that if I had gotten pregnant that it could have gotten much worse. But I feel like 150/75 is too low. If we’re going to do embryo testing, I want more embryos. The calendar has ER/ET between 11/19 and 11/24 but that’s only after 5 days of stims so I expect it to shift out.

More meds may be added, pending the results of the testing. The nurse mentioned blood thinners and intralipids as potential meds.

I do think we will probably do the embryo testing. I found out after talking to the nurse that it’s not PGD/PGS, it’s actually CGH. I’ve read better things about CGH testing so I’m more on board with that. Plus, I can’t imagine the “what if” scenario that would be running through my mind had we not done everything we could this cycle and we get a BFN. Besides, it’s only money and I would rather start a family with my wonderful husband than have a shit load of cash, so done and done.

And speaking of money, I am getting some free Follistim and since we’re going all in and I think the RE will knock some things off (like give us ICSI for free). Woohoo!

So looks like my blog will get boring for the next month or so. Don’t worry, I’ll try to find some ridiculous things to post, like the good ole days.

7 responses to “Plans for IVF#2

  1. That is a lot to think about and get done. I think taking off a month sounds good to give your body a break and to get everything done. I hope the tests give you some answers. I always seem to have to take a month or so off between each cycle because I’m put on bcp’s. It’s annoying.

  2. I can hear the excitement in your (internet) voice! Yes, it’s a lot to think about and a lot to do between now and November, but take it one step at a time and you’ll get there fine!

    And I like your take on money (“I would rather start a family with my wonderful husband than have a shit load of cash”) – that sums up my feelings pretty well, too. During those times when I feel like we’re just throwing hundred dollar bills off a bridge, I need to remind myself of the above.

  3. It’s good to wait when you feel rushed. You would be wondering along your October cycle if you did the right decision, if you shouldn’t have waited. You’ll go into your new cycle with a full knowledge of your recent tests and will know that there’s nothing else you could have done to maximize your chances. I am really hoping this is your final stop.

    PS: I’ll still be reading your “boring” blog 🙂 meanwhile.

  4. I think waiting until you are really ready to move on is a good idea. November will be here before you know it!

    I had OHSS from after ER until the 8th week of pregnancy. It was completely miserable, especially the extra discomfort and worry that it caused in early pregnancy. I think your RE is wise to try to avoid it.

  5. I think it is a good decision given everything you need to do. I am behind you all the way, and you are NEVER boring.

  6. Kate

    Well, I’m a little sad that we won’t be cycling at the same time (silly, I know). But I understand the need for a break to gulp in some air and enjoy life. Hope the L2 protocol works!! :>

  7. silver

    yay for a break month. i really think the 3 months of rest between my c/p and bfp cycle helped. i was on the same protocol, it’s the lowest one. after a couple days the follistim dose could go either way, depending on the E2’s. you could probably talk him into doing 150 x 4 days then b/w & u/s and go from there. oh and yes you will get free icsi bc they only charge you if you have major MFI. now go have some wine and omakase 🙂

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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