IVF #2 Countdown

Currently Taking:

  • Lupron (5 units) in AM
  • Dexamethasone (0.75mg) in AM

Upcoming Appointments:

  • 11/8 – E2 and ultrasound

17 responses to “IVF #2 Countdown

  1. silver

    hey next time you’re at T’s office wanna meet up for 2 seconds so i can give you free stuff? dex, e2v suppositories, folgard ingredients, syringes, needles….do you need follistim too or you’re good?

  2. Yea for a ticker 🙂 I am going to start my lupron soon too.

  3. I love a good countdown. Bring it ON!!!! xoxo

  4. you poor thing!! so much blood!! when i had the 15+ vials drawn, i made the man PROMISE ME ON HIS LIFE that i’d have enough blood left after he took all that. i was very skeptical that he promised me, but i guess i’m still alive. i hate needles still~!!

  5. Frightening that november is that close. Have your veins forgiven you yet???

  6. C

    the lupron ticker is the best.
    I will superlove you if you get one started for PIO…and make it look all sweet and dreamy like it’s something you can’t WAIT to happen….

    wishing you the best, kiddo…

  7. Wow, just stumbled across your blog on the ICLW list (getting in early!) and felt like I was reading some of my own words! I have also been TTC since January 2008 and have been an avid user of acupuncture and chinese herbs and I am also about to go in for egg collection for IVF#2 tomorrow! It’s actually #3 but #1 was cancelled so I guess you could call it IVF#2.5 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your cycle! And I had CRAZY dreams on the BCP too, drove me bonkers!

  8. Just found your very interesting blog and I love the name you have called it. I hope things work out the next time, I can’t imagine how difficult things have been for you.

    CJ xx

  9. How’s it going so far? We’re ready for an update!

  10. I am thinking of you!!! I know you had a big appt today. xox

  11. GL with the upcoming IVF…I hope you get your BFP!

    Happy ICLW!

  12. Jes

    thanks for stopping by my blog!! best of luck on your cycle!! i am following you to see how it goes!! 😀

  13. Wow! Good luck with this cycle!! I have an IVF advice post if you’re interested…Happy ICLW! (#72 & 106)

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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