Light Drinking

Not exactly sure how I feel about this since I’m in “omg everything has to be perfect to conceive” (more like make a baby in a petri dish) mode, but hey, maybe I will indulge with a little antioxidant-rich red wine when I’m preggers.

Light drinking during pregnancy ‘does children no harm’
Study reporting on group now aged five says none suffered as a result of their mothers having an occasional drink while pregnant

Read it here.

2 responses to “Light Drinking

  1. Well, I might get flamed for this, but I drank when we were doing IVF w/ my son. In fact, the day that we had our beta, we took off work, went hiking, and then wine tasting. We had just finished a tasting and were drinking a full glass of wine when we got the good news. I tend to think that these things are going to work regardless of the little tweaks we do in terms of exercise (albeit, not running/exercising TOO much) and food/alcohol consumption.

  2. One of my BFF’s followed this idea of having a drink every now and then while pregant. My guess is she had a glass of wine once a week or every other week. She is perfectly healthy, in great shape, etc. Her little girl was born at 35 weeks at 5 pounds and was jaundiced. Makes you wonder if the alcohol had anything to do with Lilly being born small and early.

    I will go with no alcohol I worked to hard to get here I will do whatever I should to have a healthy baby.

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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