iPad = Fast Reading

Wow, since I bought my iPad I have been devouring books. I don’t know what about reading on an iPad makes me read faster, but I sure do plow through some words! Maybe not having to take time to turn pages helps? I have no idea.

The best part about iBooks is you can download a free sample from a book you’re interested in, and decide later if you want to download (and pay for) the entire book. I love it! The iBooks store is lacking though. Amazon definitely has a much better selection.

Here’s what I’ve been up to and I am on the fence between these two right now:


What are you reading right now?

6 responses to “iPad = Fast Reading

  1. I just picked up an Oprah book too. It’s from last year called “Say You’re One of Them.” I got mine from the library I am to cheap to buy and IPAd or Kindle.

    What is Room about?

  2. She’s Come Undone is a good book. I don’t remember much about it because I read it so long ago, but I do remember enjoying it.

    I still haven’t made the switch over to electronic, yet, but I’m thinking about it.

    I haven’t read any books worth recommending in a long while, but some of my favorites are: Blindness by Jose Saramago; Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugnides; Life of Pi by Yann Martel and anything by John Steinbeck.

  3. Ooh fun I will have to check out those books and any books your readers recommend. I have been thinking about getting a kindle recently and this entry isn’t helping lol.

  4. KHBetterTogether

    She’s come undone is depressing just FYI at least I thought so, but it’s been awhile. It’s good but pretty heavy, as is another book by him I can’t remember the name of.

  5. Funny, I’m reading two books with “love” in the title. Both are different, but great.

    The History of Love


    Love Walked In

    I had a hard time getting into “The History of Love”, hence why I started “Love Walked In.” To date, I’m loving “Love Walked In”…but “the History” is starting to interest me more…

    I read “She’s Come Undone” a few years back (10?!) and remember loving it.

    Haven’t heard much about Room. You like?

  6. thanks everyone!

    i decided on room, but i’ll keep your suggestions in mind for my next book. room is written from the perspective of a 5 year old and he and his mother are held captive in a room. i believe they break free but i haven’t gotten to that part yet. sort of a weird read since it’s written in kid-speak, but it’s interesting to gather the adult things when reading between the lines.

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