Stims Day 6

Wow, things are progressing much faster than last time!

Today my lining was 8mm (up from 4mm one week ago). After 5 days of stims, I have about 6 follies on each side. Lefty: 12, 22 (my RE thinks this one might be old), 14, 17, 15, 10. Righty: 16, 14, 13, 14, 11, 6, 6.

Tonight I’ll drop my Follistim dose to 75 units (from 150 units) and I’m done with the Luveris. I’ll go back in for another E2 and follie check tomorrow morning! My ER will be this week!

I can’t help wonder why this cycle is progressing so differently — in a good way. Gonal-F and Follistim are interchangeable, right? Last time I stimmed hard and long (300 units of Gonal-F for 10 days). Here’s where I was after 4 days of stims last time. This time I’ve taken Follistim for 2 days at 225 units and 3 days at 150 units, plus 3 days of 0.5 mL Luveris and things are already farther along. Is it because of my diet changes? Is it because of my new acupuncturist? The Chinese herbs? Because I’ve already been through this once so I know what to expect? Is it because we’ve opened up to a few people, including my colleagues so I don’t feel as much badly about sneaking around to appointments? Is it because I’m many more times less stressed than I was last time? Last time, I was kicking off two huge projects as the sole lead on both. I was working late nights and long stressful days. I was working weekends even! Or is it my meditations? (I am really enjoying them!)

I’m positive it’s a combination of all of the above. I feel so much better this time around. I think my hope and positivity is the same as last time but I am so much better informed and prepared now.

I know we still have several hoops to jump through, but right now at this moment me and my orbs of eggs are feeling perfectly content.

11 responses to “Stims Day 6

  1. Niiiiiiiice!!!!

    Maybe your follies also are totally eating up the LH in the Luvie? I know my follies benefitted greatly from adding low-dose HCG (LH) during stimming. Whatever the reason(s), this is going BEAUTIFULLY! Go Team! xoxo

  2. i definitely think it’s a combo of everything that you’re doing!! glad that your first follie check was a good one. hang in there babe. soo excited for you :o) xoxo.

  3. I am starting my first (and hopefully only) round of IVF this week after 7 back to back IUIs…I read your blog all the time and am wishing you the best! I figured it is about time that I leave you a comment – your blog has provided me with a lot of advice and guidance and I really appreicate it!

  4. Awesome!! So glad to hear that things are progressing so well. It’s so hard to compare cycles and figure out what’s different, but all that matters is that your follies are responding beautifully!

  5. omg, you are makin’ the eggs! Way to go! I bet it helps a lot that you are much less stressed and more rested this time. Sounds like you’ve found the perfect winning combination! It’s so exciting – you’re so close to the finish line for this cycle!

  6. Wow awesome lining and follies! Your doing great! So exciting 😉

  7. Jessica

    Wow…things seem to be going great!! Hope that keeps up.

  8. Awesome response ovaries!! They are making you so proud this time, and hopefully the best news is yet to come.

    I love the headspace you are in right now. It seems so peaceful and content which is generally the opposite to how an IVF cycle makes one feel. So congrats on achieving the impossible!!!! You’re a star!

    And it sounds like you’ve made a lot of good changes this cycle. I think adding the Luveris is a good thing. It certainly seemed to make a big difference to my last cycle (although like you, I made a number of other changes too so it’s hard to know exactly what made the difference). Anyway, I am a big fan of Luveris now. It rocks!

  9. That’s great news! I bet it is all helping.

  10. Change is good! Fingers crossed for you!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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