Stims Day 7

Today’s monitoring went well. Yesterday they were worried about me possible overstimming so they cut the Luveris and decreased Follistim to 75 units. My E2 yesterday was only around 350 so today they weren’t as worried.

My lining grew to 9mm! (Gooo uterus!) And all of my follies grew as well so we’re looking good! (Goooo ovaries!) My largest follie yesterday was 22mm, which is now 23mm. He’s not sure if it’s an old cyst or just a large follie but he’s willing to let that one go for the greater good of the others. My smallest ones yesterday were 6, and today I had nothing under 10. I forgot to get my phone ready so I wasn’t able to record the sizes, but it all sounded great.

Tonight I’m supposed to up my Follistim back to 150 units and add half a vial of Luveris back in as well. I also started Cipro yesterday so I’m all antibiotic-ed up. I have another scan (#3!) tomorrow.

Today I woke up considerably more bloated. The past few days started out normal and got worse as the day progressed. Today I am constantly aware of my ovaries when I walk, bend, sit, stand, or lay down. Plus, I’m nonstop hungry! I ate breakfast and 2 hours later I’m starving again!

On my commute this morning, I overheard a woman offer her seat to a standing mother. The father was already sitting with the child on his lap and the mother was standing holding the collapsed stroller. The mother politely refused the seat and the woman said, “Oh come on. Take it! You gave birth and all!”. For some reason that totally irked me. First of all, giving birth isn’t a right to anything except being a mother. When I pop a baby out of my vagina, I’m not expecting anything from this world. Having a child is an absolute gift and I would give up anything to have it and I would give up any future seat a million times over. And secondly, what if that baby was adopted? I don’t know. Call me sensitive (especially right now), but I was annoyed.

Speaking of commutes, if you’re ever riding the subway and you see a weird girl trying to recline with her eyes closed and taking deep breaths, yawning constantly, it’s probably me and don’t worry – I’m fine. I’m just doing my daily Circle + Bloom meditation.

Thanks for the well wishes and positive thoughts everyone! Xo!


9 responses to “Stims Day 7

  1. go lining!!! wahoo!! that comment from the lady on the subway would’ve irked me bigtime too. popping out a baby does not a mommy make and i have zero sympathy for mom’s who didn’t go through IF (well, not really, but i’m on a roll here). glad everything’s going well. i put on a spell on your work so that it stays easy for you for the next few weeks :o) can’t wait till you can join me in my morning sickness!! xoxo.

  2. go, follies, go! And what a rockin’ lining! 🙂

  3. Glad your cycle is going well, what awesome lining! I hope all continues to go well. You made me chuckle with your circle bloom comment.

  4. Sounding good! Glad they are just going to ignore that large frontrunner…would suck to lose it all for that one. How on earth do you do your meditations on the bus. I can see you hugging your uterus now. LMAO. Great image!

  5. Sounds like your cycle is going well….. I hope everything continues to keep going in the right direction. I would of been annoyed at the lady’s comment too…. but I tend to get annoyed at anyone who is pregnant, says the word pregnant or who is even thinking about getting pregant. (unless they have strugggled with infertility-)

  6. CW

    looks to me you have got lovely eggies brewing in there and nice lining!!! Those comments annoy me too – but these days anything that is cliched in the world of babies annoys me. i think for all around me i better get knocked up soon……

  7. That’s great news! That is a really thick lining! Hopefully it will provide a nice inviting home for those embryos and they’ll decide to camp out there for 9 months!

  8. Circus Princess

    You lining and ovaries definitely get gold stars 🙂 Good luck with the rest of your cycle!

  9. WOO HOO! Things are sounding great! Sending you tons of good luck!! Oh – and the subway comment totally would have annoyed me too!!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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