IVF #2 Embryo Transfer

We started our preparations for today by having sex last night. My RE recommends it because it introduces prostaglandins which can be helpful for implantation. We tried this for our last fresh IVF cycle and I was so uncomfortable that it sucked. This time it was much better since I didn’t overstimulate. Good thing because there won’t be much of that for the next several weeks. (Boo! Sorry DH!)

I woke up today with some anxiety for the first time this cycle. I’ve been pretty calm throughout but today the fear of not knowing the results of our embryo testing until the last minute was too much to bear. I got myself ready and headed to my first acupuncture treatment for today. My acupuncturist shares an office with my RE so as I was walking back for my session, I run into my RE and he tells me “You’re gong to have a good day.” and I was like “Really?!” and immediately starting tearing up. He said we we had 4 embryos in play – 3 were beautiful normal and 1 was beautiful with one small defect that corrects itself most of the time. You guys! That’s and 80% normal! Can you believe that? Needless to say, my anxieties were squashed right then and there.

Acupuncture was lovely and I had an hour or so to spare before the transfer so hubby and I went out for a fabulous lunch where I ate all fertility-friendly foods. We got to the clinic and I specifically did NOT drink as much water as they told me to because I know my bladder all to well. By the time I got called back and took my Valium, I had to pee so badly! They let me pee for 10 seconds. Whew! Back on my back I went and my RE got things ready and we talked about how many to transfer. We netted out with 2 and we can freeze the other 2 (assuming the 4th one looks good too). I’ll find out on Friday if they made it to freeze. The 2 they selected were scored 100/100 and 95/100. I don’t think I could ask for more. They were both already hatching which is wonderful. I’ll post a pic soon.

In my 2 beautiful embies went and the nurse came in to bring us a picture of our embies. My RE looked at them, commented on their beauty, then he kissed the picture! Omg, so cute! Is it weird that he kissed our babies before we did? Haha.

I lasted a whole 10 minutes before having to pee again. I thought I was going to pee myself on the table but I made it to the bathroom in time. I think the swollen ovaries and uterus compound my tiny bladder. Too much pressure in there. Poor thing! Plus not to mention all the pressing on it during the transfer!

The nurse came in to review the rest of my calendar with me. I start EV2/Progesterone suppositories tomorrow and I’ll continue the PIO. Yay for me! I get to do both! The rules are: don’t lift anything over 10lbs, no sex, no strenuous activity.

A few minutes later, my acupuncturist came in and did his thing for the second time. I listened to my Circle + Bloom meditation during both acupuncture sessions and it made the experience even more relaxing. The Valium didn’t hurt either.

Well I’m home now and I’m PUPO with 2 beautiful normal embryos. I am extremely zen and calm and hopeful. My first beta is on 11/29 which is 12dp5dt. Seems like a long time to wait if you ask me. Thanks a lot Thanksgiving holiday! You robbed me of my beta next week! Oh well. The longer we wait, the stronger the numbers. (You like this positivity?!) Plus I’ll probably POAS the weekend prior anyway.

Thank you for cheering me on, and for continuing to do so. You ladies are spectacular! Let the 2WW begin!

Positivity will prevail. Thiswillworkthiswillwork.


24 responses to “IVF #2 Embryo Transfer

  1. Jen

    What great news! I am glad you did the testing! Enjoy being PUPO!

  2. Jane

    So excited for you! Sounds like your RE was right and you did have a good day!

  3. Woo-hoo, congrats on being PUPO! Rest up, make your hubs do everything so those little embies get comfortable for the next nine months or so!

  4. Circus Princess

    Such wonderful news!! And YES, this WILL work!!

  5. silver

    congratulations!! i am soooo excited for you! those are awesome embryo grades. it’s so nice how dr. T is just as excited as the patient and never seems jaded even though he’s done this like a thousand times.

  6. finch

    Sounds promising!!

  7. Wooooooo, PUPO!!!

    Sounds like things are going so smoothly – you’ve certainly earned that madam.

    Sending you lots of sticky vibes!

  8. That is great news. I am sending many positive thoughts to you and your embies!!!

  9. Jaime

    That’s awesome! Positive thoughts your way!

  10. I was waiting all day for your post. Congratulations and hooray for two genetically normal and beautiful blastocysts! I have so much hope for you!!

  11. KHBetterTogether

    Yay great news! So amazing how much they can tell you already.

  12. Yes, this will work. It sounds like good news!

  13. Sounds like you have fantastic embies 🙂 I am so, so excited for you!

  14. Great news for you!!

    Also, very interesting to know re: sex prior to transfer…hubby and I wanted to, but were afraid that we’d screw something up….

    Your RE sounds great!

  15. Jessica

    Congrats!! 80% normal…that’s awesome. I hope those embryos are snuggling in tight!

  16. Wow, sounds like a great transfer! Praying this is IT!

  17. Sounds like everything went perfectly! Enjoy being PUPO!! This IS it 🙂

    (FWIW I didn’t POAS until after my beta at 7dp5dt…. immediately after I got the call, I did POAS and a faint line came up. So if you’re inclined to POAS, you only have a week to wait and oh how I wish I could make time pass quickly for you!)

  18. Oh man I am so excited and hopefull for you and DH. I will count down the days with you.

    This is it!

  19. lis

    i cant apologize enough for not getting here/reading this sooner. ive been in a funk. a serious funk. not that that should mean i dont come around, but sadly that’s exactly what it means.

    i am so very happy to see that all went well. and you are so P! not UPO!

  20. Im so hopeful and excited for you! What wonderful results you had….how lucky you are to have such perfect embies!

    I’m thinking of you

  21. Go embies Go! Best of luck- I really hope this is your month. Good luck!

  22. Val

    You are so inspirational…. good luck and sending you positive vibes! ; )

  23. congrats on the awesome transfer! Go, perfect embies! Sending lots of good sticky vibes your way. With the holidays, time ’til test day should go by fast!

  24. katery

    let’s not forget that myndi’s (from tenaciously ttc) doctor believes that her triplets are due to having two embryos transferred and also conceiving naturally, so the sex could be just the boost you need!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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