How is it that I have only gained one pound since before my IVF cycle? I definitely have a pooch already and I’ve been eating nonstop (literally) so it’s hard for me to believe I’ve only gained a pound in 3 months. I can’t even button up any of my jeans! (P.S. Did I tell you that my dad totally spotted my belly at Christmas? After we shared our news he said “I thought it looked like you had a beer belly!”. The funny thing is I don’t even drink beer. What a nerd. Love that guy though.)

Today’s ultrasound went well! Measuring exactly on target and strong heartbeats. My ovaries are still huge. I think I like this second MFM group better. I’m high risk so I’m looking forward to the extra care. Besides the first OB I met with messed up the nuchal scan scheduling. She tried to schedule it for 9w5d and they already drew the blood (finger prick). After conferring with Dr. Google, I found out after that the nuchal scan can’t really be done until 11-13 weeks of pregnancy and the finger prick can’t be done until 9w4d at the earliest and mine was done at 6w5d. Argh! When I called to confirm, they were like “Uh, yeah. That’s too early. Come in when you’re 12 weeks.” That kinda pissed me off. I shouldn’t have to double check stuff like that. I think the group I met with today will take better care of me. Plus, I can share doctors with Sienna. 🙂

So now if I’m making the switch to the group I met with today, I won’t get another peek until the nuchal scan on 1/24 (12w3d). (I’ll cancel the nuchal scan with the other OB on 1/21.) So far away! I suppose I could still sneak in and meet with the other OB on 1/12 as planned but that seems excessive especially if I don’t plan to go to her.

I also have to meet with a genetic counselor next week to discuss the risks of being of “advanced maternal age.” Blech. Whatevs. 35 is the new 25, bitches.

15 responses to “9w3d

  1. I guess the baby is burning those calories for you. How cooperative!

  2. cgd

    So excited for you and your little guys. I am glad you have an appt with another OB, very important to find a team you are comfortable with.
    35 is totally the new 25!!!!!!

  3. silver

    medical incompetence is such a huge turn off for me. yeah go w/sinai, i have only heard good things about them. do you have a bella band? those things are the best investment, i can still wear regular jeans with that and i’m huge! oh and don’t tell DH but i’ve only gained 18 lbs in 26wks which dr. luke would hate. as long as the babies are doing good and you keep eating, you shouldn’t worry about numbers. 35 as “ama” is such bs, it’s like the average age for nyc. when are you going to post belly & u/s pics??

  4. Because you are a lucky wench, LOL. Want my weight gain? LOL. Enjoy it! And the ovaries will eventually go down…it takes forever! Glad new OB is better. I am so excited for you!

  5. Julie

    SO exciting!

  6. katery

    squeeeeeeee!!!! i’m so excited for you!!!

  7. I put on one pound in the 1st tri, then started packing them on once I hit about 13 weeks. Seems like you totally have the MFM situation under control, woo hoo! The month long waits between appointments is bruuuuuuuuuutal. I felt a million times better once I reached 20 weeks and they wanted me to come in every 2 weeks. You’re zipping along, grow babies, grow!!! xoxo

  8. You are pregnant!!! I love reading your pregnant posts.

  9. Is it 9 weeks already?! I can’t believe it. 🙂

    I’m not sure about the whole pregnancy and weight thing, but 1 pound! I guess those babies are using up those calories to grow big and healthy.

  10. Sarah

    You’re so adorable. Congratulations on things going well! Love keeping up in your posts.

    Happy Bew Year

  11. Sarah

    Oopsie. Sorry for the auto correct typos…

  12. you’re the youngest 35 year old i know! i can’t believe they consider that AMA. my sister had to see a genetic counselor as well and it boggles my mind bc i see her as being so young. this will be the longest stretch between appts and soon, they’ll have you coming in every 2 weeks. so hang in there!!! sooooooooo glad you liked dr G! i’m seeing dr R for the first time on friday. he’s the uber famous one, so we’ll see how that goes :o) xoxo.

  13. Glad things are going so well! So good to hear! I hope the change of doc’s go well, but I am sure it will. I hope I like my ob’s office.

  14. So glad everything continues to go great! I can completely sympathize with your experience in the nuchal scheduling screw up. There was some new chic at my OB office and she was trying to schedule my physical and nuchal on the same day, even though the physical was supposed to be done weeks 10-12 and nuchal 12-13 weeks and there is only one doc in the practice that does the nuchals. I was trying to tell her how to do her job…so annoying! Glad you are in more competent hands now. Can’t wait until 1/24!!!!!

    Oh and about the advanced material age and genetic counselor B.S., I don’t even see why that is necessary if you did PGD and you already know the embryos are chromosomally normal???

  15. I have a huge belly and have only gained 3 lbs. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I guess it’s normal. So glad to hear your U/S went well. Love that reassurance. I’m dying waiting until the 24th for my next U/S.

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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