As I mentioned, my bump is getting harder and harder to hide. My work wardrobe is getting smaller and smaller and although I have a lot of great flowy tops, I’ve been hating wearing pants. The bella band gets too uncomfortable as the day goes on (too much pressure!) and the hair band doesn’t really work for most of my pants.

So I did it. At 10w1d, I shopped for maternity pants. And I felt like an imposter. And for a tiny minute, fear popped into my head. Am I going to jinx this? Maybe I should wait until I hit the second trimester? And then I took a deep breath and realized that it’s better that I feel comfortable and not stress about clothes every morning. I bought two pairs of skinny jeans and some maternity leggings. And can I just say, OMG these three pairs of pants are the most comfortable pants ever! I’m so glad I bought them. I’m sure I’ll wear them out in no time. Now I can wear my cute tops! And I’ll be comfortable!

12 responses to “Imposter

  1. I was thinking I would hold out until the second trimester too but I can already see that that might not happen. Luckily I work from home so I don’t have to put on nice clothes around the house but the time will come when I need to get out and I agree – the bella band is good in theory but it doesn’t stay put and ends up restricting.

  2. You won’t wear them out… you’ll need to size up. πŸ™‚ I was in full-on maternity clothes at 14 weeks with my twin pregnancy, partly because I needed to, but partly because it was so darn comfy. Jealous though- I miss wearing stretchy waist maternity pants!

  3. More assvice from me, coming your way. Yup, you’ll be
    outgrowing them in no time flat. My suggestion is to not go
    hog-wild at the beginning of your 2nd trimester on buying pants –
    because you’ll regret it when you are like 25-30 weeks and you are
    too big to fit in them. And even though they are more comfortable
    now, you will grow to loathe the cute demi-under belly style. At
    the end of my pgcy I was sporting the full-on ugly ass over belly
    style ’cause those were the only ones that will stay up. What I
    wish I had done was buy lots and lots of maternity dresses –
    especially for the summer. It’s harder to outgrown ’em and you’ll
    get more long term wear. And again, even though it’s cheap fugly
    crap, make peace with Motherhood and Old Navy maternity. I probably
    have a good $2k in (expensive) maternity clothing so I know of what
    I speak. It’s shameful I tell ya. Shameful.

  4. I ended up buying maternity pants at 6 weeks. My stomach grew way too big too fast and nothing helped. (we ended up being pregnant with twins for 9 weeks). I love having my pants. I bought the big maternity ones with full bellys. But I love my under the belly pants. And I wear them all the time. πŸ™‚ Embrace having a belly. It’s an amazing thing. Though a scary one. πŸ™‚

  5. newlife

    I was very ant-maturnity clothing stores because they’re extremely over priced and normally extremely frumpy. My advice to you for casual cloths is to purchase lots of strech/yoga pants and long stretchy tanks, t-shirts and sweaters. That way you can feel comfortable, save money and show of your beautifully growing pregnant form. Also, once you’ve delivered you can still wear them and not feel like your swimming in your cloths as you transition back from pregnant lady to sexy bod. Please! Please! Please! check out Charlotte Russe Stretch Jeans. They’re extemely stretchy, they have a number of fashionable styles and fits, and are very cheap. I bought a pair at the very begining of my pregnancy and they were the only pair that fit me through the very end. I am now 9 weeks post delivery, am still wearing them and am looking great. Charlotte Russe also has great crop stretch cargo pants with elastic waist bands. I know sound terrible but they are quite fashionable and comfy. Last thing, H+M has an AWSOME Maturnity department. Comfy and fashionable. I’m currently living in LA were they don’t have the H+M maturnity department yet. I made a special trip to the H+M Maturnity depatment on my last trip to the east coast just to get some cool staple maturnity items. Good luck and have fun shopping. Yeah!!!! I’m so happy for you!!!!

  6. Wow! Lots of good advice from the other posters, so I think they have that area covered.

    It sounds like things are going great! Any updates on the two little beans?!

    I just posted on Sienna’s website that I heard that the East is going to get a dumping of snow again soon. Keep warm!! I’m sending warm, positive thoughts to you and Sienna!

  7. Yay for maternity clothes. Another milestone checked!!
    I have been waiting for my cute, hard bump like it sounds like you have. I still have this bloated, flubby, I feel fat thing going on.

  8. katery

    it’s hard not to have doubts, i know, but this is going to happen, i just know it!! if you need maternity pants then by all means get them, no need for you to be uncomfortable.

  9. cw

    how exciting!! No you haven’t jinxed it you have accepted it. Can’t wait for the belly pics!

  10. You’re too funny! I felt *exactly* the same way! Like I didn’t really deserve to wear maternity pants and at any minute the pregnancy police would come make me take them off! But I LOVE my preggo pants. They’re so awesome! Hubby makes fun of the big panel but I think he’s secretly jealous!

  11. thanks for the advice ladies!

  12. I did the exact same thing because I couldn’t stand to be so uncomfortable any more. Of course, I’ve been super frugal because I’ve know women who are about my size but by the time they deliver, there’s no way they would fit into any of the pants that I just bought. I’m trying to make the bella band work a couple days a week, so I don’t go too crazy. Plus I’m having a hard time finding much that really looks good.

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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