Almost Outed

One person at work knows about my pregnancy. I’ve been using her as a gut check on … well, ah, on my gut. She’s been helping to confirm that I’m doing a good job of hiding the belly. Today she pulled me aside to tell me that another girl we work with (there are only a few of ladies here and they are all younger than me by 7-10 years for the most part) is sort of on to me. I guess the girl asked if I looked “different” and the conversation went to me possibly being pregnant. My friend played dumb and then the girl said that she would be so excited if I was going to be a mom.

And when my friend was telling me all this, I was thinking to myself: OMG, I am going to be a mom. I’m going to be a mom. It’s sounds so foreign. I’m so excited.

And then I realized that I definitely have to come out to my employer next week. I can’t let them hear rumors through the grapevine. That would just be awful.

Okay, off to my appointment! Heartbeats and ultrasounds, here I come!

6 responses to “Almost Outed

  1. Yipes! Sounds like you are going to have to come clean! Hope today’s appt goes great. Can’t wait to hear a report. PS – I gave you a blog award!

  2. Yes, something similar happened to me at 11 weeks. I heard from a coworker I had confided in (my dearest friend at work) that some rude gossipy girls were discussing whether I had gotten “fat or pregnant.” Didn’t love that, I’m so sensie! I still wanted to wait til after the NT Scan to tell my bosses and was so worried the rumorville would get this back to them. Turns out my female boss had already figured it out. People who have been pregnant seem to have a ridic pregnancy radar.

    Re: your constie issue. Uhhhhhh, yeah, you should see how many posts I devoted to this topic in the fall. 🙂 I had a SEVERE case of it that prune juice etc could not resolve. I begrudgingly added colace 2x daily (OB recommended, no chemicals that cause contrax or anything like that) and it realllllllly helped. I also drink about a half a mug of REAL coffee (caffienated, yes) every morning (also rec’ed by my OB) and that helps get things moving. You will figure out what works for you and it will be sweet, sweet relief! (Tho mine is pretty much an ongoing battle, it’s SO MUCH better than it was.) xoxo

  3. newlife

    regarding you last post. Until you come clean, quit rubbing your belly (even under the table). It’s a dead give away. I was outed by a stranger at 8 weeks by doing that.

  4. Good luck in coming out! I’m sure it will be fine and that, like the nosey girl, everyone will be just overjoyed for you. Cheers, Mommy! 🙂

  5. I bet the telling will go really well. Even though the girl is pretty much onto you she is excited for you which is good. I hope your appointment goes well!

  6. Uh oh! Time to let the cat out of the bag 🙂 They will be HAPPY for you!

    I can’t wait to hear how the u/s goes!!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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