I’m in my 15th week of pregnancy! Nuts!

On Friday at 14w I had an appointment with the OB and we got a lengthy peek at our little friends. (Pics coming soon.) I weighed in up 3 pounds, 9 pounds total. Baby A was playing hard to get again. First she flipped on her side and then she flipped to face us. (This might come back to bite me later but for some reason I think A is a girl and B is a boy, thus the hes and shes. We don’t know for sure and still don’t plan to find out.) Since we weren’t getting good angles, we moved on to Baby B who is always cooperating (momma’s little helper already!). We got some good angles and heard his strong heartbeat (146) and he measured ahead at 14w2d. We moved on to Baby A and she was finally in the right position but she was kicking and punching and moving around. We watched her kick her neighbor and wave her hands and seemingly suck her thumb. We heard her beautiful heartbeat (155) and she measured ahead at 14w3d. The doctor spent a long time just looking around after that; just letting me spend time seeing them. He also tried to get a snap of the two of them together but that just wasn’t possible because of how they were positioned. It was fun trying though.

It was wonderful getting to see them again. I’m always rubbing my belly and talking to them but it will feel more real once I can feel them moving. Soon enough. I go back again in two weeks at 16w for the anatomy scan. (I am loving these frequent appointments!) If we want to change our minds about finding out the genders, we have two weeks to do so. I’m sure there will be other opportunities after that as well. Besides we have the genders of the embryos in my RE records (in a sealed envelope) which I have in a drawer. But that doesn’t seem like a fun way to find out so if we do it, it will be at an ultrasound.

So the pooping issue seems to have resolved itself. You know, I think I’ve posted about this before but I hate to take medication. I know, funny for someone who spent all of 2010 going through medicated IVF/FET cycles. But seriously, before all that I wouldn’t even take an Advil for a headache so you can imagine that the idea of taking Colace or something weirds me out, especially now that I’m pregnant. (I did get the doctor’s okay to take Colace though and I will do it if things get really bad again.) But my home remedy worked! I added a bunch of dried apricots to my diet. Smooth sailing ever since! Plus they taste good. I did try the organic kind and in my opinion, those things are nasty. Anyway, YAY! However, thanks for all of your tips. 🙂

Coming out at work tomorrow! It will go well. They’ll be excited. I’m excited to tell them. I’ll report back tomorrow afternoon!

11 responses to “14w2d

  1. Yea for a good appointment with everyone doing well! So happy for you. You have to explain the week things to me. I always thought I wasn’t 15 weeks pregnant until I hit 15 weeks and that you were still 14 weeks until the day after 14 weeks and six days.

  2. I am glad that you are getting frequent appointments. Why are they doing that for you? Is it because you have two or because you had IVF? I can’t wait to hear how your coworkers all respond! BTW, I have noticed you with an award on my blog. Come on over and check it out!

  3. You are a lucky bugger getting all the ultrasounds!

    Our doctors know the sex of the baby from the anatomy scan, but we are still resisting. I want a good ol’ fashioned surprise!

    When are you going baby shopping? And registering?

    Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  4. katery

    gld to hear things are coming out ok 🙂

  5. so glad everything looked great!!

  6. Awesome! I’m so glad to hear that everything is going well and the babies are growing strong!!

  7. That’s great news. I’m jealous you get to see your little ones twice in 2 weeks. I’m only waiting 3.5 weeks in between peeks and I can’t believe it’s taking so long.
    Awesome news on the apricots. I love finding an alternative to taking medicine if I can.

  8. Yay! Congratulations!! I’m also glad to read that the coming out went well. Woot woot!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and the bebes!!

  9. So excited for another great ultrasound! Oh, and I am totally with you on hating meds. I avoid taking something for a headache too, which is probably ridiculous! Anyway, glad to hear the #2 problems are much better!! Always a good thing! : )

  10. Rachel

    Not logged in for a while and just seen your are expecting and doing well! So pleased, you so deserve this, enjoy! xxx

  11. You’re in the second trimester! So awesome! 🙂
    We’ve made it almost to the end (4 weeks to go) and still haven’t found out the gender. Sometimes it’s so tempting! But now I’m really looking forward to the birth and finally getting to know!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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