An Update

Thank you for all of your celebratory comments! More details coming soon, but for now…

  • First visit to pediatrician was a success! I cried when my husband completed the “relationship to patient” field on the form with “MOTHER” next to my name.
  • My milk is just starting to come in. Can’t wait to stop supplementing! They’re both great latchers.
  • My husband is amazing and I am so grateful to have him as my partner.
  • We were discharged on Sunday so we’ve had a few days on our own so far. The babies are good sleepers and on a similar schedule — so far. 🙂
  • I can’t believe how puffy I am. My feet and ankles are so gross. It is finally starting to subside a bit.
  • I feel so lucky to have this be my job for the next 4 months.
  • I somehow managed to avoid hemorrhoids. I heart colace and prune juice.
  • I am only now starting to feel somewhat normal, albeit sleep deprived.
  • I had no idea days could pass so quickly. I’ve been drafting this post for two days.
  • Oh, and most importantly…the babies! Oh my god, the babies. We have sons! They are the sweetest, most perfect humans on the planet. We absolutely adore them.
Here’s a peek at 1 day old:
I’d rather not share their names online, but you can refer to them as Home Run (left – Baby A) and Peanut Butter (right – Baby B).

31 responses to “An Update

  1. Jem

    They are sloppily handsome!

  2. Oh my goodness… They are absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations!! Hope you are recovering nicely!

  3. OMG they are absolutely beautiful!

  4. Amy

    You make BEAUTIFUL babies!!! I’m so, so, so happy for you. Enjoy and hope the swelling subsides quick (took a few days for me).

  5. Beautiful, beautiful BEAUTIFUL little baby boys!!!

    I am so happy for you. The sleep-deprivation is horrendous, but you WILL get thru it and I have a feeling you’ll have solid sleepers on your hands. LOVE how chubby they are already!

    And seriously? I think I will tear up every time I write “mother” next to their names. It still weirds me out that they have NAMES that WE have GIVEN them. You are a parent!!! xoxoxo

  6. They are perfect! Thinking of you during these early roller coaster days!

  7. Those are 2 beautiful little boys! Congratulations on their arrival. Wishing you all the best as you adjust to your new life with them!

  8. KHBetterTogether

    Gorgeous 2 perfect baby boys! Isn’t it crazy how they look like boys right away? Good luck with tandom breastfeeding, you are just too awesome.

    P.S. Super jealous about the lack of H 🙂

  9. They are so precious! I am glad to hear that their first appointment went well.

  10. Absolutely beautiful and sweet! I remember the first month of my daughter’s life felt like one really really long day. I was blown up like a balloon too and it took at least a week for it to die down. Glad to hear tihngs are going well!

  11. Jane

    Awwww, so precious!

  12. Oh my gosh are they not the cutest little peanuts?!? Love the picture! =)

  13. They are gorgeous. Seriously gorgeous! The puffy goes away 🙂 enjoy them! I am so happy for you!

  14. ilana

    OMG Congrats!!! They are GORGEOUS! Wow you not only had a great pregnancy but sounds like a great delivery too! Amazing you delivered twins vaginally!

  15. cgd

    they are so cute!!! so glad to hear that everyone is doing well.

  16. Oh my gosh! I totally started crying when I saw that picture!!! Amazing! They are just beautiful!!! 🙂 Congrats Mama!

  17. Jen

    They are beautiful! I want to know what gender you thought the twins were – I was surprised they are both boys. For some reason I was convinced you were having boy/girl twins! Did you have two boys names picked out or did you name them after they were born? Glad to hear you are doing so well!

  18. They are so precious. They look like baby dolls.

  19. They are so frickin amazing!

    Congratulations Mom!!!!!

  20. sooz

    They are beautiful!! Congratulations! I’m so happy that all three of you are doing well. 🙂

  21. Totally teary-eyed over here. Your boys are simply GORGEOUS! And writing, “Mother”…. just a dream come true. Congratulations! Could not be more happy for you!

  22. Congratulations! I cant tell you how happy i am to see this. A year and a half ago we both went through our first IVF cycles at just the same time. I had started a blog and you were one of my few followers. That cycle i conceived my twin boys and my blog fell away. Now i have returned to the bloggy world to the best news. Congrats again, you deserve this. Christi, formerly of focus and direction.

  23. sienna

    love this pic! looks like homerun is telling peanutbutter a secret! and if i’m not making it, is peanutbutter not a spitting image of your hubby? you sound like you’re doing amazingly well so far. much better than i was at this time with just one!! xoxoxo.

  24. almostif

    They are SO gorgeous. Welcome to the world babies! You have no idea what celebrities you already are! xxx

  25. They are absolutely beautiful!!! Congrats times 2 🙂

  26. Adorable! Congratulations!

  27. They are freakin’ gorgeous! Lucky, lucky, lucky!

    Note on the swelling: I feel ya. It was the one thing no one told me would happen. It seriously looked like I had a fatsuit on from the thighs down. My feet hurt so, so bad!!! All the fluids trying to work out of your body. It took about 10 days for me to get back to semi-normal in that regard. You should be on the tail end of it for sure. 🙂

  28. congrats! They are so cute!! What made you give each one their particular nickname?

  29. They are the prettiest newborns – ever!!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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