Week Two

Well, another week is behind us. My guys were 2 weeks old on Friday. They had a check up today and Home Run is up 8 ounces and Peanut Butter is up 11 ounces. Both surpassed their birth weights!

I have weaned them from formula and am exclusively breastfeeding now. I’m really enjoying it. I was worried that they were getting enough so I’ve been doing the following to increase my supply:

– drinking tons of water

– eating lots of oatmeal, and yes – some of it is in the form of cookies

– taking fenugreek

– drinking mother’s milk tea

– pumping for 15 mins after each feeding

– trying to fit a “power pumping” session in every now and then (pump for 10, rest for 10, repeat 2 more times)

– feeding on demand (but I wake the other baby to also eat if only one of them wakes up)

Seems like it’s working. As of today, I’m now able to pump 5+ extra ounces total in a day after feedings (today looks like I might even get to 8+). But OMG, my nipples are soooo sensitive. I have to shower with a bikini top on!

Oh, and I’m down 32 pounds already with 21 to go. Not too bad for 17 days postpartum. And yes, if you did the math I gained 53 pounds. Worth every ounce. 🙂

I’m really enjoying these lil guys. There are definitely challenging moments, but overall they’re an absolute joy. I am anxious about my parent’s visit next week. My ILs were here last weekend and they’re super awesome about respecting our privacy and space so they were great to have here. My ILs are also comfortable in NYC so they come and go and we don’t have to worry about entertaining them while they’re here. Plus, it was so sweet to see them meet their grandsons! My parents, on the other hand, aren’t really city folk so they’re a much bigger responsibility. Not exactly what I need right now. And they’ll be here for 5 days. Although they’re staying at a hotel (not their original plan – they wanted to stay with us!), our apartment is small so if you can imagine four adults and two babies plus my gigantic My Brest Friend breastfeeding pillow, there’s hardly room to be comfortable. I’m just going to have to tell them to get lost when I need the space because otherwise I might go crazy.

One other annoying thing about my mom – she won’t call me. This is something that bothered me throughout my pregnancy (she’d text me for updates, but never call) and now it’s continuing, except now her texts address the boys (as in, “good morning HR and PB!”). It’s strange. Seriously, my MIL calls to check in on us almost every other day. And this is even more strange when you consider that my mother literally made herself sick worrying about me during labor. I think now that we’re all safe and sound, she’s in high gear grandmother mode and I’ve taken a back seat. Who cares, I suppose. I guess that’s what happens, but it’s still lame. I am guessing she will be of no help while she’s here, expect for changing a diaper here and there. She doesn’t clean or cook. Lucky me.

Am I the only new mother on earth who is dreading her own mother’s visit? It feels so wrong.

We haven’t had any help and things have been going surprisingly well. I mean, I guess I should clearly state that since my husband works for himself, he’s been able to be home which is super awesome. So I do have help, just not in the form of additional outsiders. He will have to get back to the office soon, though. We have had lots of visitors — these guys are popular! — so I might just have to start putting them to work once hubby starts going to the office!

11 responses to “Week Two

  1. So great to hear how well breastfeeding is going and how everything seems to be going well! Great news on the weight loss. I am up 54 pounds total now and I hope it falls off like it is with you. Good luck with your Mom. It definitely sounds like a bit of a stressful situation.

  2. lis

    im so glad all are well. i hope your mom doesn’t drive you too crazy and i hope you find a nice salve for those boobies!!

    p.s. would you mind DMing me their names next time you are on twitter? also can you tell us all how you came up with HR & PB? 🙂

  3. My mom annoyed me extra after I had G too. I think having a baby(ies) magnifies relationship issues. You’re exhausted, hormonal, in love, and you just don’t have time for extra nonesense. I get it. Hopefully she’ll surprise you.

  4. I am so impressed at how well you are managing on your own with twins! I am currently in the process of IVF and have my fears about gestating twins, but you make it look easy! very inspiring. . .

  5. My mom was an absolute disaster. She hasn’t really gotten better. On the plus side, my mother-in-law has been great with RR. I really really hope she figures out the grandmothering thing (both your mom and my own). One way or another, she’ll find a way that she can relate to them (and you!) it might just take a while 😦 That aside, yay for weight gaining and breast feeding and awesome!

  6. I hope that things go well with your parents. I am glad that they are going to be staying in a hotel while they are there. I find if very encouraging that you haven’t felt like you needed to ask a close friend or one of your parents to come stay with you and help you take care of the babies. So many people I have known who have twins, or sometimes even singletons go on about how they couldn’t have done it without their mom. Well, I know I would not have wanted my mom, as much as I loved her, and I am certain I would not want my hubby’s mom to come stay with us. Oh well, I don’t let myself worry too much about that stuff. Can you believe you have two babies that are two weeks old!?! That’s so great!

  7. KHBetterTogether

    So impressed with your breastfeeding and 8oz extra is awesome!! Way to go. Oatmeal in cookies totally counts. Everything sounds great.

    I understand the mother thing, it does tend to exponentiate issues, but it kind of balances out. Lean on DH to help you get your time.

  8. Your post/experience is so inspiring to me. I think that it is amazing that you are not only producing enough milk for your boys but also pumping extra- at only 2 weeks! And wow….. to have lost so much weight already, gives me hope 🙂
    I hope all goes well with your mom…. I also have family issues- so I completly understand. I hope that it ends up being a good visit with no drama! I love reading your posts-. It encourages me that this whole twin thing is possible 🙂 Thanks for posting.

  9. I am glad that breastfeeding is going so well! That is really my #1 concern right now. So scared I will fail at it again. I don’t think it’s at all unusual to be dreading your mom’s visit. It’s an awkward thing to have your mom realize that now YOU are the mom… and mine tries so hard to be helpful, but honestly she’s a bit flakey and leaves me in a lurch a lot. Last baby she promised to bring dinner over and never did, I finally gave in late that night sent DH to fast food… she didn’t realize it until 3 days later. So I’m glad she will be around to help, but I’m not trusting her to actually rely on her for anything. And I think it’s SO COOL that you’ve already lost that weight!!! Oh, I hope that happens to me. 🙂 Hey, a girl can dream right?

  10. I completely understand the mom situation. It was my Mother in law who came the day my daughter was born. The thought of my mom at the hospital was enough to give me an anxiety attack. My mother in law calls and texts me all the time to check in, say she loves me, asks me to send pictures of our daughter, etc. They’ve also been out to visit 4 times and will help run errands or cook a meal here and there. They are wonderful. My mom on the other hand, well lets just say that she asked to Skype the other day and spent 20 minutes making faces at and talking baby talk to my very verbal 1 year old. Ugg. She always waits for me to call or wants to know how “HER grand-daughter” is doing. She hardly ever uses my daughter’s given name. She just calls her “My Grand-daughter” (gag me). Mind you, she is actually my step-mother and has 5 other grand children as well. Sorry about the vent. I just wanted you to know that someone else understands the mom vs. MIL situation! So glad to hear that PB and HR are doing well!

  11. Sounds like everything is going great! I lost 30+ lbs in the first two weeks too, and all my 74 lbs gained were gone by 6 months, so I’m sure you can lose the last 20 or so quickly, too.

    My MIL helps more, understands better, and shows more appropriate care/attention than my own mother does too. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t even tell my own mother I was at the hospital until after I was in recovery… and my MIL was the first to visit too. As for cooking or cleaning while my mother visited… HAHA! We honestly did not get really any help early on, and we did just fine in those early days.

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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