Weeks 7 & 8

Our trip to visit family during Hurricane Irene was awesome. Having extra hands to help with the boys was so great! I’m glad I didn’t have help in the beginning because I think it would have been totally overwhelming to go from hospital to having help to being alone. Starting out alone and then having help was such a treat and I wasn’t scared of going back to do things on my own (although I do miss the extra hands).

We rented one of the last cars in Manhattan and I rode in the back between two carseats the entire way (10+ hours). Suuuuper comfy. 😉
We ended up staying for an entire week. The boys were excellent travelers.

We stayed with my ILs and since my parents live about 90 minutes away, we of course wanted to see them as well. Well my mother went BAT SHIT CRAZY and not in a good way. I won’t bore you with the details this time but trust me, she acted a major fool. As in, if I ever have to deal with her antics again, we simply won’t be seeing her when we come to town – holidays or not. I don’t need her bullshit. I’m a new mother of twins! And trust me, I’m not blowing this out of proportion. I walked a couple of my friends through the details because they have crazy moms too, and mine tops their idea of crazy moms hands down. She seriously needs some help. SIGH!

Anyway, we had a wonderful time and these lil guys are oh so loved. The babies got to meet so many family members including their three great grandmothers!

But the very best part is we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and we were able to go out to dinner! Just the two of us! My ILs babysat and I hardly worried. They were in the best of care. I ate a four course meal without a baby attached to each breast! I had a glass of wine! My husband and I could kanoodle and hold hands and linger and give each other 100% of our attention and be in love. To top off the awesomeness this little old couple stopped by our table on their way out to tell us they’d been admiring us and that we looked so very much in love. We told them it was our anniversary and our first evening away from our 6 week twin boys. Well it also happened to be their anniversary (they celebrate every month! so cute!) AND they also had twins! C’mon, how cute is that? And we finally ended the evening to find our babies were sleeping angels when we got back!

PB is so good at holding up his head. They’re both smiling huge gummy smiles. They haven’t noticed their hands yet, but it’s not far. PB can hold a rattle. They looooove staring out the window and there’s a piece of artwork hanging over our couch that I hate but they loooove so I guess we’ll be keeping that. HR is a fantastic napper. They’re both starting to do little coos. I can’t wait til they start “talking!” They’re starting to fatten up, HR especially. I swear every morning it seems like they grew significantly over night.

As you might remember, we’re in a one bedroom apartment. They each have their own crib, but until we move to a bigger place they’re still in boxes. We have a cosleeper set up in our bedroom but they hate sleeping in it! They both love to sleep on or near momma. I’m in trouble, aren’t I? I wanted these guys for so long I can barely stand to be more than 2 feet away from them at night! I’m fine cosleeping in our bed for now but once we spend Manhattan prices on a two bedroom, they’re going to have to be okay without me. Or I should probably say, I’m going to have to be okay without them. I just love to soak in their baby-ness. They love to snuggle!

BFing is going well. I switched fenugreek and mothers milk tea for the More Milk Plus tincture because I had read such wonderful things about it and ohmigod was it awful! It turned my babies into monsters! I had a terrible day with them and all night they barely slept while they fussed in pain from gas! My first awful night with them! Poor babies! As soon as I stopped taking it, they were back to my perfect angels. Thank god. No more messing around with what works!

We go for their two month appointment this coming week. I know I’ll cry when they cry from their shots. HR makes the saddest face ever when he cries. It’ll melt the iciest heart!

Happy weekend!

6 responses to “Weeks 7 & 8

  1. sooz

    You sound so happy!! I’m so glad that you had a great week and were able to spend some quality time with the hubby as well as getting away from Irene. I love hearing the updates, so keep them coming!

  2. I don’t think you’re in trouble at all, things will go as they should. Cuddle those babies as much as you want, and when you’re all ready they’ll sleep in their beds, or you’ll have a family bed. Either way you’ll figure it out. :)) So good to hear you had a (mostly) wonderful time!

  3. I am glad y’all were safe during the hurricane and got to spend some time with family. I am sorry that your mom didn’t behave herself. It’s too bad she is ruining her chances of being close to her grandchildren. I am glad that things are going so well for you. I hope you’re able to find a two-bedroom at a reasonable price. I can’t even imagine how much it costs to have an apartment up there!

    Take care!

  4. God you sound so amazingly happy 🙂 And a word of advice. Let Hubby hold them for shots. At least the first one. I was a wreck! But it gets easier, and the reaction is fierce but brief. Oh! And Tylenol ahead of time! Like an hour. And have it ready 5 hours after first dose. TRUST ME! HUGS!

  5. What a great report except for the crazy mother thing, I am sorry.

    You amaze me at how well your falling into this mother of twins business. Your inspirational to this mommy of 1.

    Rachel was fine with the shot it wasn’t until we got home, nursed, then napped that the screams kicked in. My poor little peanuts legs were so red from the shots. I immedietly gave her some Tylenol which took 30 minutes to kick in. After that she slept most of the day and night but was fine by the next day. Girl don’t feel bad I bawled when she was screaming from the pain.

  6. happy belated anniversary! we had our first ever date night too last week and were out til 10pm. all i could notice were these babies <1 year old out in strollers that late at night. wtf?!

    i'm stressing out about the 1BR/2BR thing too. but right now we're leaning towards staying put, mainly out of laziness. good luck with shots!!! i hear it helps to nurse during the injections and then have some tylenol for when you get home. your babies are SOOO CUTE!!!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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