Week 9

Random thought of the week: I recently remembered that as a child, I had three Cabbage Patch dolls and two of them were twin boys!!!

The boys had a great 2 month check up. They’re growing on target. They both weigh 8lb 10oz and are still looking to be tall boys (PB in the 70th-something percentile and HB in the 50th-something). Their pedi is happy with their weight gain as they’re sleeping well and have the right amount of dirty diapers, but she would still like to see them gain a bit faster so she’s having me add in one more supplemental bottle. Up until now I’ve been giving them a bottle of expressed BM after nursing them before bed (~2oz each). Depending on the day, sometimes I’m only able to pump 3-4oz total (and sometimes up to ~9oz) so most days it all goes to the babies meaning I am not able to build a freezer stash very quickly. After thinking long and hard about this, I’ve decided to switch up the evening supplemental bottle to formula and I’ll do the same for the new midday supplemental bottle. This will allow me to work on building my freezer stash for when I return to work.

I plan to continue pumping when I return to work but I’m fearful I’ll see a supply dip and I want to be prepared with frozen BM just in case. My goal is to EBF for 6 months and continue nursing some for 12 months if possible.

I was struggling with the decision to use formula for the supplemental bottles because I’ve been so hellbent on EBFing but I’ve finally decided that since I am not skipping nursing sessions, only topping off with bottles (4oz total) twice a day, that I am still EBFing. It feels okay now. The supplements are nice to have, not mandatory, and honestly I want to fatten these guys up! Pumping is stressful enough as it is, let alone having to try to squeeze out more for bottles twice a day after nursing twins!

The babies got a couple vaccinations. I nursed PB during his and my husband held HR and bottle fed for his. We all cried! All four of us! HR didn’t mind too much, but PB looked really upset – but not for long. Poor babies. I cried hard enough that the nurse came back to check on me after to make sure I was okay. Their pedi was awesome. They’re flexible with the vaccine schedule so we got to choose what they got. We delayed one but they still got an oral and an injection in each thigh. They had their first little fevers and had to take their first medicine! But through it all, they smiled and snuggled. Lil troopers!

They’re both freely giving up adorable huge gummy smiles and coos. If they’re crying I can often times calm them by talking loudly in a high pitched voice saying something to the effect of “YAAAAY! YOU’RE TWO MONTHS OLD! WHO’S TWO MONTHS OLD?! YOU’RE TWO MONTHS OLD! BIG BOYS! YAAAAY!”. I must sound ridics, but it totally works!

These guys are seriously so much fun. I can’t believe a year ago I was gearing up for IVF #2. I was starting to tell people close to me about what we were going through. I was getting tons of testing done to figure out why we could get and stay pregnant (still no real reasons besides MTHFR and my RE doesn’t believe that’s the root cause of our issues). I was starting a new diet and Chinese herbs. I was getting acupuncture and meditating. And now I’m changing diapers, nursing, giving baths, playing with and loving on two handsome little men. Amazing.

Man, these posts are getting long. I better post more often. Too much for someone to read! Sorry about that!

7 responses to “Week 9

  1. I’m so glad the boys (and you!) made it through those first shots. I DREAD it every time! It’s so good to hear that you all are so happy! 🙂 I love it!

  2. It’s fun to hear how you are all interacting together! I am sorry you had to go through all that with the shots. I am sure it was heartbreaking. It’s sweet that your husband cried too. 🙂

    Take care!

  3. Sienna

    Seriously, you are a rockstar for not complaining one bit about the fatigue of breastfeeding two little munchkins. The exhaustion you must feel. Your poor boobs! Adding a little bit of formula soundslike a great idea. ESP at night bc formula before bedtime is supposed to make them sleep longer. Who wouldn’t want that? As soon as p takes a bottle, it’s the pre bedtime bottle thwt will have formula in it.

    My only complaint is that You are not posting enough pictures!

  4. katery

    poor little guys, i hate vaccinations 😦 i’m glad you are able to supplement with formula without beating yourself up, it seems like they are getting tons of breast milk and that’s great! nothing wrong with a little formula here and there to fatten them up 🙂

  5. woohoo it all gets easier from here on out! you are doing such a GREAT job with BFing! and yes, more pictures please

  6. Supplemental feeding with formula was the only thing that allowed me to build a stash. And I blew through it quickly. But, he is happy and fed. And that is all that matters! Glad all is so well!

  7. I think the plan for using formula as your supplemental feeding sounds perfect. I will mention though, if you are interested in bumping up your supply, fenugreek is a miracle. It works within 24-48 hours too. I stopped taking it because I want to save the supply increase for after I go back to work, but was totally surprised at the quick results. Formula is a perfectly respectable supplement too though. Good for you for breastfeeding twins!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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