9 Months!

A little more than a week ago, my guys turned 9 months! Next month my babies will be double digits! In three months they’ll be ONE YEAR old! Every time another month passes, I am still surprised at how quickly time flies. I guess it is true what they say: time flies when you’re having fun!

And these guys are definitely fun. They laugh and play and give delicious slobbery kisses. I adore them! Baby A loves to exert his firstborn power by pouncing on his brother as soon as he’s within arms reach. He gets a huge smile, laughs out, and simultaneously tries to eat his brother and grab two fistfuls of hair, thereby making Baby B cry.

Baby B makes up for it by being extremely mobile. He’s cruising all over the place! He’s standing a lot and seems like he’ll be standing without support any minute. He has 6 teeth (2 on bottom and 4 on top) and at his 9mo check up he weighed 21lbs and is 30.5″ tall (as tall as a 14mo old!).

Baby A is army crawling at a fast pace but no official crawl yet. He’s pulling up, too, although not as frequently. He has three teeth (2 on bottom and one fang on top – and not even one of the top center ones!). He’s 21.5lbs and 30″ tall.

They’re eating 3 times a day and I basically feed them anything except for nuts, egg whites and honey. Our pedi, who’s super relaxed about most things, recommends waiting on those 3 things until 1 year. I personally don’t believe that exactly 3 months from now the boys’ systems will magically be able to process nuts, whole eggs and honey but I’m going with it for now. We have no allergies but I’m gonna be safe on this one only because my usually crunchy, go-against-the-grain pedi wants us to.

My personal time is so slim these days so that’s why I’m so bad at posting. Mornings are busy, work is busy and evenings include bedtime routine and eating dinner with my husband before turning in for the night myself, usually around 10pm. Lamesauce! I love every short minute of it though. More posts coming soon. Xo!

2 responses to “9 Months!

  1. katery

    you are a busy girl! i’m glad the babies are doing well.

  2. Of course you’re busy! How do you even keep up??? I’m with your ped about waiting on those foods. My parents had zero allergies, and I’m a walking bundle of them… plus honey has small amounts of botulism in it, so I always wait on that as long as I can. Anyway, glad you’re doing so well!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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