Two Crawlers, One Cruiser

Baby A started officially crawling late last week. On carpet he can go pretty fast but once he gets to the slippery hardwood, he prefers his army crawl. Thankfully only Baby B is cruising! I’m in trouble here as soon as Baby A figures that out.

Last weekend I didn’t sit down once until they were in bed for the night! I certainly have two movers & shakers! At least I’m getting a workout since I don’t actually have time for the gym!


3 responses to “Two Crawlers, One Cruiser

  1. Uh oh! That sounds like trouble… of the most adorable kind. 🙂 Sometimes I kinda wish my home was completely padded, like a padded cell, only over every surface… then kids could run wild and not get hurt, and I could sit down. *sigh* Someone, please put me in a padded cell! Ha!

  2. katery

    i hate to say it, it’s so cliche, but here goes… wait until they start walking, it’s a whooooooole new world when they can walk!

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m chasing ONE toddler from one end of the house to the other! Actually, my mom, hubby and I are all chasing her! And we’re completely worn out! And we’re completely having a blast! 😉

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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