FET #3: 10dp5dt

Nope, still haven’t tested. Scared shitless. I might even chicken out tomorrow. My husband seems to think I’ll still POAS tomorrow but I’m not so sure. Geesh. I’m giving myself nervous butterflies just thinking about it.

In other news, it’s F*CKING FRIDAY BITCHES! Omg, I have no idea how I made it through the week. Yesterday afternoon I had to drag my unfocused ass out of my office, down the street to an ice cream shop for a scoop just to keep myself motivated. Sugar always does the trick. I don’t have many meetings today and there’s no way in hell I can focus on the other crap I have to do so I anticipate another unfocused afternoon. Maybe more ice cream? YouTube and I will definitely become very good friends today. For some reason, I’m super excited about Earl stopping by NYC this afternoon. Bring it, buddy! I need some action!

People keep asking what I’m doing this weekend and I want to say “I’M PLANNING TO POAS SO ISN’T IT OBVIOUS THAT I HAVE NO OTHER PLANS BECAUSE I CANNOT SEE BEYOND THAT MOMENT RIGHT NOW?!” but instead I say “Oh, I’m not sure. Blahblahblah.”. I honestly need to make some mother effing plans because regardless of the results, I can’t sit around staring at pee sticks all weekend. Dammit, this better work!

Go congratulate Maddy on her BFP for #2! Woohoo! Maddy, send some of that juju my way please. Xo!

15 responses to “FET #3: 10dp5dt

  1. Nicole

    Im so impressed you’ve held off this long! And I cant believe your Dr is making you wait til Tuesday to do your beta. I would have called and asked for it today! But def hoping you have goodness coming your way!!!

  2. I’ll keep you in my thoughts! Please keep us posted. This must be it for you!

  3. Amy

    All my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!! These last few days are excruciating, especially since you have to wait over a holiday weekend! Gah!!
    I do have to say, that my beta was on a Tuesday (right after a holiday weekend and after I broke down and POA(faulty)S that I said I wouldn’t do) and it was positive! It is your turn girl!!! All thoughts and prayers are with you this weekend! xoxo

  4. will be thinking of you tomorrow morning and crossing fingers and toes that you see that bfp :o)

  5. I am thinking of you and WILLING that stick to show two beautiful lines. Please let it work!!!

    Btw, my RE (Dr. A, not the first one) does Betas 7 days post transfer. According to him, you’re totally in the all clear to test!! (Muhahahahaha, says the devil in your ear.)

    Tons of love and positive energy your way.

  6. Oh, I hope this is it! Enjoy YouTube and ice cream in the meantime.

  7. I have been thinking about you and when you are going to test. I hope it will be soon and that it will be a bfp

  8. C

    def def thinking of you, my dear. will be traveling for the hol-i-day tomorrow morning as you pee into a small cup and see two lines on that stick (I assume you cup it. I always cup it. Too risky to pee directly on the stick…) Anyway. Hoping the Labor-Day-Weekend-Irony is in your favor. WIshing you the best….xo.

  9. Tomorrow! I can’t believe it! Wishing you the best of luck with that darned stick. Bring on two lines!

  10. cw

    oh it is looking really good!!! fingers crossed you get your BFP.

  11. KHBetterTogether

    Thinking positive thoughts for you!

  12. OMG, this was the point where I was a complete basketcase…I hope you get through the weekend! When is your b/w scheduled??? Good luck sweetie!

  13. lis

    ill hold my congratulations til tomorrow, but not a minute more! please don’t chicken out 😉
    okay, chicken out if you want to. it will all be okay, either way.
    but seriously, how could it NOT work?!

  14. JZ

    I’m not so patiently waiting for your results! Good Luck!!

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After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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