He’s here!

Baby arrived 3 weeks ago, 2 days past his due date. After 2 weeks of prodromal labor (a first for me! WTF?!), the real deal finally started early Friday morning. Lost my mucus plug and right away contractions kicked in that were consistently 4 mins apart. Assuming this labor would be as fast as my last (the OB actually said to head in when they were 7min apart fearing baby would come fast, too), we decided it was prudent to head to the hospital around 4:30am. By the time I was checked in triage I was dilated to 4cm, having only been 2cm a few days before. Woohoo! Exciting! Last time I went from 4 to baby in my arms in 1hr45mins. I was moved into the delivery room and contractions weren’t getting any closer. I was checked around 2:30pm and had only progressed to 5cm dilated, 80% effaced and baby’s head was still very high. Contractions still weren’t getting closer than 4 mins apart. By 7pm, I was dilated to 6 and 90% effaced but baby was still very high. We decided it was best to rupture the baby’s water to get things going. Since I was utterly exhausted from laboring every 4 mins for 18 hours by this point and I knew things would get very painful and even more exhausting once my water broke, I opted for a walking epidural. By 8:30pm the epidural was placed and I was able to rest through contractions while my body did its thing. By 9pm I was dilated to 7 and fully effaced. Once the membrane was ruptured, the baby finally dropped and active labor could begin. There was also some meconium in his water so I knew then he’d have to be checked out right after delivery. By 11:30pm I felt the urge to push and sure enough, he was starting to crown. He was slow coming out but after 22 hours of labor and several pushes, he was born with lots of beautiful dark hair at 12:20am crying his heart out tipping the scales at 9lb2oz and 22.25″ tall. We did skin to skin for a bit while daddy cut the cord (had to get that meconium checked out!), which splattered all over the doctor and across the room (gross!)! While he was getting checked out, I got stitches for a 2nd degree tear. 

Recovery has been much easier than my previous 2 deliveries. Perhaps because he took so long to come out so my body had plenty of time to do its thing? Not sure but I’ll take it, especially with a 2 year old and two 4 year olds to chase around. 

Nursing was off to a slow start again. I figured after nursing my last one for over 2 years that everything would go so smoothly this time but nope. Baby had jaundice and we had to stay and extra night in the hospital so he could get phototherapy. He lost 12% of his birthweight by the time we left the hospital because my milk took so long to come in so we had to start supplementing an ounce after every feeding. I met with a LC and after herbs and pumping, I’m happy to say we were able to ditch the supplement before he was 2 weeks old and he had also regained his birthweight by 2 weeks! Now I’m back to EBFing and I’m able to freeze 5oz a day. Woohoo!
Baby is so sweet and he’s such a gift.  His brothers are smitten and are very good helpers. So far everyone’s adjusting well. Although the pediatrician told me to expect bumps at 6 weeks and 6 months so we’ll see. 

Now our family is complete! Welcome to the world baby boy!


Pre labor kicked off with a vengeance on Sunday — something I’ve never dealt with. I was on my feet all morning and after a shower felt that I should sit down. I felt extreme pressure and lots of cramping. I felt terrible about that because it was SUCH A NICE DAY and the boys wanted to go to the park but we opted to read books instead. I couldn’t get very many pages in when the contractions started. They were intense and CLOSE! Like ~3 mins apart close. Yikes! I felt flushed and nauseous. This went on for an hour. I called my mom (who’s a 5hr drive away) and she hit the road. As soon as I called her, contractions stopped. Of course. Haha. 

One of the twins was so in tune with me and how I was feeling. He was SO sweet tending to me. The other two were oblivious, which was for the best.

Since then, I’ve had some minor contractions and some Braxton Hicks but nothing like Sunday. They hurt so badly I actually started thinking about an epidural (something I hope to avoid). My last guy was a med-free delivery and the contractions were never that bad until it was time to push.

Baby was measuring 8lb12oz at my 38w check up so he’s a big boy. His belly is at the 93rd percentile so that’s driving the overall weight. I’m eager to meet him — for my sake and for my vagina’s sake. 

36 Weeks

Well baby boy has been vertex for weeks so we’re getting there. I’m 1cm dilated and cervix is very soft so when labor starts, it should be quick. I scheduled acupuncture for 39w to help speed things along so I can avoid an induction. Last time acupuncture worked within 48 hours. 

Two weeks ago he was measuring in the 90th percentile so I have another big boy in there. Should be close to (but hopefully under) 9lbs, just like my last little guy. 

Just hoping I can hold him in until at least 39w – help doesn’t arrive until then and were in a new city without family or a nanny. The doctors don’t think I’ll go to 40w so might have to ask help to come sooner. 

Gah! This is really happening! Definitely getting anxious for childbirth even though I’ve BTDT (planning for unmedicated again) but so excited to meet our new little guy. Won’t be long now!

Wow. Baby #4.

It’s been a while. My last post was over a year ago about nursing my little guy for his first 13 months. I’m proud to say we went on to nurse for another year!

I’m also here to say HI! And that I’m 40 now! So old! And I’m also unexpectedly almost 27 weeks pregnant with our 4th boy! WTF? 4 boys, 4 and under at 40. Whaaaaat?!

Of course this would happen the month after I donated ALL of our baby stuff. At least we have clothing 18 months and up!

Baby boy is due Cinco de Mayo. We are looking forward to meeting him and I am very much looking forward to a margarita.

My oh my have things changed since the start of our baby-making journey! Hard won twins after tons of intervention and treatments (they’re 4.5 now!) and two surprises afterwards. And all boys. Oh my. What a lucky mama I am.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit we were hoping for a girl but I quickly realized how lucky I am to have FOUR healthy little boys loving on me. If this guy is as half as lovey as his big bros, I’m in heaven! Plus they’re close in age so the boys having similar interests are in my favor, no gender concerns with sharing rooms later, no one will ever be a third wheel, and hand-me-downs for life!

This little guy is definitely our last (but certainly not least). DH has scheduled the snip — something we never thought we’d need about 5-6 years ago. I do feel honored to be able to go through this again: a growing belly giving life to a healthy squirmy little baby, going through delivery again and feeling like a superwoman, breastfeeding, smelling that sweet baby smell and soaking up those sweet baby snuggles, watching my husband become a father for the last time, and watching the bigger boys welcome their new sibling. Ahhhhh.

Golden Milk Makers

I didn’t want to say Golden B.0.0.bies because it attracts weird internet searches. Haha.

So I did it! I cannot believe I’m still nursing my 13 month old! Those first 3 weeks of breastfeeding were SO hard but I’m so happy I persevered. I was even able to pump and freeze over 700 ounces! I just had to say this somewhere. It shouldn’t be but it’s sort of weird to say this kind of thing in a more public forum.

And a great side effect besides giving my baby nourishment all this time? I haven’t seen good old AF in 22 months!

Now, if I could only get him to sleep through the night. No wonder my brain can’t think straight. Little snuggler wakes up around midnight for a snack and again around 5. He still nurses a few times for a few minutes throughout the day.

And he’s a terrible eater! The child won’t eat anything on a spoon — has to do it all himself. He refuses pouches. He pretty much refuses everything except for carbs and sweets (fruit and dried fruit). I attribute his bad eating habits to either the fact that I did NOT have gestational diabetes with him so I ate a fair amount of sweets while pregnant or because he’s been breastfed this whole time. The twins were nursed until about 8.5 months, but started formula supplementation around 2 months. They were chubby excited eaters! This guy is nothing like his brothers, but then again he is a different baby and I’m sure he’ll grow into better eating habits. He is 90th percentile for height and around 50% for weight so I guess he’s just tall and skinny. 🙂

Next up: getting me skinny. I’m still 10 pounds off of where I need to be. Breastfeeding makes me hold onto the weight. I’m ready to lose it but not quite ready to end our nursing so it shall be as it is for now.


After nearly 3 years of TTC and the help of ART, we got pregnant on our 5th IVF/FET transfer after IVF #2. Our beautiful fraternal twin boys were born on 7/15/11 at 37w0d.

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